New jigsaw+skirting boards?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by tomba26, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. tomba26

    tomba26 New Member

    I'm looking to buy a new jigsaw and as I seem to be doing a lot of skirting boards I want one that can replace my coping saw with cutting scribed joints.
    For those of you that have them would I be better with one of the palm-grip type saws and also are the majority running mains or battery pack saws?
    Also any make/model recommendations?
  2. handcraft

    handcraft New Member

    i still use a coping saw and dont know many chippies that do use a jiggy

  3. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    jigsaw is the wrong tool for cutting skirting

    even with a suitable narrow blade its still wont curve to the smallest detail you also cannot undercut to give good tight scribes

    big all
  4. chip off the block

    chip off the block New Member

    i cut all my skirtings with a jigsaw and get an ace finish.
  5. blueassedfly!

    blueassedfly! New Member

    i use jigsaw on the face but use a coping saw on the moulding part of the board, found thats the quickest way for ME to get a great finsh and speedy too:) its all about preference TOMBA
  6. lamello

    lamello New Member

    So do I chip. Cutting tight radiuss arent a problem and neither is undercutting, so to be frank saying its the wrong tool is incorrect. wrong tools for you maybe bigall but not for me. I do tons of skirting from 3 inch chamfered through to 14 inch period skirts that i run out in sections on my spindle and I dont even carry a coping saw in my van. cutting from underneath and using the teeth to kerf out tight radiuss works spot on. So in short a coping saw works perfectly well as does a jigsaw. A blue bosch 14.4v works very well on scribing. And just to make it clear my scribes are tight and very clean. Horse for courses.
  7. chip off the block

    chip off the block New Member

    i tried it for the first time and thought that is rough and dangerous then i practiced it a bit 1 weekend on some spare skirting and it is just a matter of practice to get used to doing it this way
  8. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    handaw,coping saw.all day in the hay.never seen a joiner do it with a jiggy ,maybe a diyer like lamello.
  9. !!

    !! New Member

    nothing wrong with using a jigsaw with a thin blade or a coping saw, it all comes dwon to practice
  10. !!

    !! New Member

    As for make model of jigsaw, don't get a corded hitatchi, I've just got a makita Li-ion and it is the mutts nuts and the 18v bosch I have is still going strong after 2 years
  11. lamello

    lamello New Member

    You got me there lennie/mazball/75adoor. Bang to rights. Youve rumbled me. I am a diyer. A diyer fully qualified in both carpentry/joinery and wood machining, a diyer with many years under his belt, a diyer with his own 60ft by 20ft industrial unit, a diyer with his own panel saw, planer thicknesser and spindle moulder, a diyer with no job apart from his hobby which people pay him for day in day out. I'm doing some diy tommorow actually, somebody rang me up out of the blue to do some work on their house.

    Plenty of pros jigsaw scribes, it just requires using sharp blades and being able to control a jigsaw properly. Incidentally how is life as one of the worlds greatest carpenters for you. Four months ago you had never heard of MDF skirting and a year ago you hadnt heard of Festool gear.
  12. lamello

    lamello New Member

    ladies and gentlemen please note when viewing dirtydoo/75 adoor /mazball/lennies comments that he claims to be able to hang a door with latch and handle in 8 mins day in day out. And he supplies and fits internal doors for £22. He also once asked where he could get a tube of matching filler to fill a 18mm(yes thats three quarters of an inch)gap in a laminate floor he had laid.
  13. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    get the rods out and reel em in.
  14. lamello

    lamello New Member

    Trouble is though lennie/mazball/75adoor/dirtydoo is that I am the kind of fish that lurks waiting for a hook just so i can get out on the bank and embarass the plonker listening to Des O'Connor while holding a rod. Embarass that plonker by reminding him what a fool in that he pretends to know it all when in fact he knows * all

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  15. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

  16. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike New Member

    That big all's a proper troublemaker.....
  17. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    That big all's a proper troublemaker.....

    yes i know i can't help it :D:D:D:D:D l o l

    ok horses for courses coping saw for me
    i assume theres a bit of clearing up with chisels then!!!

    big all
  18. tomba26

    tomba26 New Member

    Oh Jesus, looks like I opened a can of worms, sorry all :)

    Anyway with regards the jigsaw, any preferences.....palm grip or standard, mains electric or battery?

    Cheers again.
  19. mack47

    mack47 New Member

    Does anyone use a grinder for coping,I've been using one for ages,once you get used to it,it's the dog's for speed.The only thing is,it's a little dusty.
  20. evo nut

    evo nut New Member


    I use a 18volt cordless dewalt jigsaw and find it a tad heavy


    evo nut

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