New kitchen? Good price or ripped off?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Sheila Barnes, Apr 23, 2019.

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    I have been very fortunate in who I have worked for in terms of sick pay and pension. When I was in my late twenties I was unlucky enough to have a type of bone cancer. The company I worked for then in the early eighties, Philips Scientific (part of the bigger Philips group) had full salary sick pay for six months and a defined pension scheme. They also worked out a return to work on crutches. I was on the shop floor, engineering, so they were pretty advanced in their pay and conditions. I then transferred that over to a Local Authority when I started working for them. Broke my leg badly in around 2000 and again 6 months full sick pay and defined pension scheme. Then ended up with taking voluntary redundancy with a decent payout and an early defined pension.

    The reason I am giving the above details is that when people moan about the cost of tradesmen I have to point out that all the above is almost always not available and is a massive benefit to the employee. I would also argue, though I have benefited from it, that the terms and conditions of those working for the public sector, because subsided by the taxpayer, are pretty unfair. It does irritate me when people who have always worked in the public section moan about their jobs, teachers come to mind; many have known nothing else. The "real world" would come as a bit of a shock I think.
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    That's a very common misunderstanding. Statutory sick pay is paid 100% by the employer, there's no reclaim from the government (unlike Statutory Maternity Pay which is mostly reimbursed, and indeed small companies even get repaid a bit extra to cover the admin costs)

    "Statutory" sick pay just means employers are legally required to pay it, it's not a state funded thing.

    I sometimes wonder whether if that was better understood there'd be fewer people taking sickies from small businesses...
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    You’re right. It’s changed so the employer can’t reclaim SSP anymore. Another reason why I would never employ anybody again.
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    Just had a quote back from BQ to fit our kitchen, £3925 which is just to fit the kitchen itself,. No electrics,. No plumbing etc
    Interesting they reached this price before the fitter had been round to do the survey and tried to charge £50 for that privelidge.
    I got the £50 refunded and will be using our own fitter who quoted less than half their price including plumbing and electrics
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    Old thread you`ve picked up on there stacey. ;)
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    Threads are only as old as their last posting :)
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    And pretty pointless, B&Q quoted in the showroom, you paid fitter £50 for a survey then got it refunded and found somebody cheaper. So well done you and hope all goes well.
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    £3925 is including 20% VAT, so knock off what the taxman is getting and that brings it down to £3250.

    Next take off the cut that B&Q are taking and the commission paid to the salesperson for selling fitting service and you are well on the way to halving the original amount, you definitely will if there’s middleman subbie.

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