New kitchen, new flooring - cutting kickboards

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Mesmerise, Jan 18, 2023.

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    I am having a new luxury kitchen fitted. New flooring has just been laid, too. I’ve just discovered that the fitter has started cutting the plinths down from 15cm to, in some cases, 13.3cm, which I am not happy about, as the plinths were finished on both sides and looked really good before, whereas now the ones that have been cut are chipped, irregular and unfinished along one of the edges. What concerns me the most is that the plinths looked good at 15cm, but will now look narrower and less elegant.

    Is it normal to have to cut plinths when it’s a completely new fit? I understand why you might need to cut plinths if the kitchen were already in situ and new flooring were being installed, but, surely, this is just a case of the levels being set too low?

    The fitters are adamant that they’re not willing to adjust the legs to widen the gap under the cupboards, as this would be too much work for them.
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    @Mesmerise What is the reason that the floor isn't level then ?????

    If the floor was level, then the units would be level with the floor, so there would be no need to cut the plinths at all so long as the units were set at correct height to suit plinth height.
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    What matters is the position of the worktop and that it's at the height you specified and level all around the kitchen. The legs are adjusted to make this work and accommodate uneven floors. By extension the kickboards might need to be adjusted as well. In theory, because the kickboards are set back under the carcasses, any cuts are barely noticeable unless the floor is all over the place. If you insist on having exactly 150mm between floor and carcass your worktops will follow any unevenness in the floor and the joints between carcasses would be tapered or there would be steps between the units.

    There is however no excuse for trimming the kickboards badly and leaving them damaged. If they do need to be trimmed one cut edge is unavoidable but this can be sealed.

    It all hinges on your worktop height and the condition of your floor.
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    With a 'new luxury kitchen' I would have expected the new floor to have been levelled, therefore not requiring ANY cutting down of the plinths.
    Unless the worktops were required to be set lower than standard / usual height.
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