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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Dave H, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. Dave H

    Dave H New Member

    As part of a refurbishment I need a new kitchen but don't have a very big budget. The old kitchen was really manky and has been completely ripped out so I now have a blank canvas.

    After designing a layout I was happy with I visited a couple of big DIY sheds as well as a few smaller kitchen companies to see what was available and compare costs (installing it myself). I then came across Maple Industries (the company that has appeared on Rogue Traders etc!). I can get a kitchen with units made from veneered blockboard and solid oak doors for the price of the cheapest chipboard B&Q kitchen. It seems that a lot of complaints about this company come from incomplete or damaged deliveries, but living locally I can pick it up myself.

    My question is does anyone have any experience or comments about this company. Is the press coverage justified? They are apparently the fourth largest kitchen supplier in the UK so surely they can't be that shoddy can they? Any comments appreciated.
  2. How Dooo

    How Dooo New Member

    Have you tried Howdens? They supply MFI and other larger companies. (the site was down just but is normaly ok)

    I got my kitchen from them to fit myself. The cabinets come made up so there is less work for you to do.

    I have a 4m x 3.2m kitchen in beech veneer with cupboards all around for £1500!!

    All the best

    How Dooo
  3. wardoss

    wardoss New Member

    I would recomend Howdens.

    However you have to be in the trade to deal with them.

    I have ended up buying mine through Jewsons, worked out cheaper with the units I needed.
    Howdens open end base and wall units are expensive.

    I have price list if you get really stuck.
  4. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    howdons is trade only,but i am now using a travis perkins as a back up but they r flat packs,whereas howdens r ridgid,but the end panels at howdons r v expensive!
    best 2 shop around and haggle :)
  5. Dave H

    Dave H New Member

    Thanks for the advice. I will check out Howdens when I get a chance but the website is still down. Despite not being in the trade, Howdens let me open an account as I am completely renovating a property. They told me to call myself a property developer!

    I would still also like to know if anyone has any experience of Maple Industries.
  6. Ferm Handshake

    Ferm Handshake New Member

    I used Howdens too. The units came pre assembled and are in solid 18 mm chipboard. They were cheaper than anything else and stuffed MFI out of sight. BTW I got my worktop from IKEA for £25 a length and its absolutely fine. I got my door and drawer fronts from Screwfix, have basically done a large-ish U shaped kitchen for well under a grand but obviously no labour cost involved as it was yours truly. I would recommend them highly.

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