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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Devil's Advocate, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate Well-Known Member

    Ok, so's I buy mesel' a new pooter - one of them all-in-ones.

    I know, I know, but it's soooo compact, it's a delight.

    And it was a steal. A Packard Bell L5800, i3, 23" touchscreen (the novelty of that wore off in less than one day...) and comes with Win 7 (looks good at first play) and even Office 2010 - both gen with product codes. 2nd-hand, but immaculate.

    And built-in Freeview with a small remote control.


    Ok, I also got a (genuine) Win 8 upgrade DVD (i know, I know again...), as I wanted to see what the latest OS is like, and since I know have 'the touch'.

    Except the b* won't install. Goes through it all, accepts code, does everything, goes for a reboot, and comes back with 'Windows 8 installation unsuccessful, reverting back to previous version', with - typically - no explanation of why.

    Info on t'net (this ain't an uncommon situation...) suggests all sorts like uninstalling all anti-virus stuff, etc, and making sure all drivers are up to date.

    I wonder if a factory restore is an easier option? I don't have any files or photos or anything that I need to save. But, what about the software - will I need to reinstall Win7 and Office (and the other nice goodies such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel draw X5 and stuff? Or even the Packard Bell's own stuff?

    Ta muchly.
  2. FatHands

    FatHands Well-Known Member

    There is more than likely a recovery partition which should allow you to restore the operating system mate. Did it come with any manual? If not, you should be able to get it from the Packard Bell site by entering the serial number. These are usually quick at getting it back to how it was when it left the factory.
    As for Office - if your lucky the image will have it on there; if not......
  3. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    I know sweet F.A about computers, but £195 seems perty cheap for a computer,maybe there's a reason it was so cheap,:oops:
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  4. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    I would imagine it's second hand, they are a old system, been around since 2010 and the touch screen wasn't rated as being much good back then.
  5. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate Well-Known Member

    :D Yep - you're right, Phil.

    Chust ran a 'check for upgrade to Win 8 compatibility' test with a download from MS, and - yep - the touchscreen isn't really up to it...

    Hey-ho, fair enough. Win 7 it is...

    Now need to sell my Win 8 Pro upgrade :rolleyes:.

    Having said all that, it's a cracking little system, and barely used. The reason it was cheap was the poor advert - they even put the wrong picture of it on eBay, with a comment that it 'looks a bit like this one', before then adding the pic of the correct pooter and a 'it's the one on the right...'

    In the same week, an identical machine went for £450 (faaaar too much) and another for £390 - still pricey.

    It means I can still come on here when t'kids need t'other one for their homework. And I can watch decent tele when 'erself is watching Strictly, or whatever the flavour of the month is... :oops:

    In many ways - it's 'phew'. As I'm getting fed up having to sort stoopid wee probs on these systems.

    (A Win 8 PC will have to wait :confused:)
  6. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    as I said B4, I know sod all, but I know a guy who does and he tells me don't get Win 8, Win 7 is better, So thats wot I got, It cost a sight more than £195 though, I did't get much change from £600 for puter,monitor,keypad,speakers and mouse,:(
  7. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    Graphics cards can stop installs sometimes. If you use the onboard graphics, often the newer systems won't load them. Adding a PCI slot graphics adaptor and plugging monitor into that can agree with the new system install!

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  8. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    The main reason Win8 installs fail, is simply because it's ******g Microsoft ****. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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