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  1. alexjb1989

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    Evening all,

    I have just had my lounge, hall and landing skimmed.

    The plaster should be ready to paint by Friday.

    What white paint would you recommend?!

    The plaster suggested this stuff from the crown trade store - something like gebroc (some odd sounding name!).

    The BNQ Velspar guy recommend his (obviously) Velspar white emulusion - he reckoned it would only take 1-2 coats and did not need watering down.

    Any advice appreciated.
  2. KIAB

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    First coat should be a mist coat MATT emulsion ( NOT VINYL MATT) watered down, amount of water depends on the paint used, some is watery,other is like cottage chesse, around 70/30, maybe 60/40.

    Before mist coat I would give ceiling a light rub with fine paper on a backing block,to remove any nibs,etc.
    First mist coat will hight any imperfection, which need filling,rubbing down, once rubbed down,apply a second mist coat, then should be good for your top coats.
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  3. FatHands

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    hey up,
    first post in a while! Any preference on paint make for misting fresh plaster or does it not matter? My mrs is going to get all the colours chosen by the local Rabart Decorators paint shop so we will probably get all the gear from them.
  4. KIAB

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    Well come back...:)

    Long ban...:D

    Astramax is the one to ask about best matt paint, some is like knat's p*** other is like cottage cheese.:mad:
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  5. FatHands

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    ha ha. thanks for the welcome back! ;) no ban, just busy with work and work on my own place. you know the score!

    Hopefully Astra will be along soon :)

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