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Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by gibbsy09, Oct 10, 2021.

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    Hi I just put down grass seed a week today, i know i should give it two weeks or more, but alot of them look like they've came to the surface, possibly due to too much rain, and just been drowned out, are they dead they look kind of detached from the soil, or can I reintegrate them back into the soil, or should I just leave well alone and wait and see what seeds germinate.

    October is supposed to be a good time to sow seed supposedly, but I think I might have got unlucky, it turned colder all of a sudden, we got a fair bit of rain, and not very much sunshine, I think it might have been just too cold for the mix of seed I got, heres what I used. Thanks.
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    A week?

    I'm surprised you've not got the mower out already....

    The issue with the heavy rain will be more likely that the soil has been panned. You could try a very light rake with a springbok if it has, but I would find something else to do instead of staring at your lawn for the next few days. Grass will grow at 5°C+ so there's no need to panic yet (you don't want people unnecessarily queueing to cut your grass) although for future reference September would be better as a general rule.
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    Lol thanks I know it's bad manners to stare lol, but I put alot of work into getting the soil riddled and prepared, but on the day I put the seeds down it was organised chaos lol, then I had to put a net across it, for the birds, but it was mainly for my downstairs neighbours dog to stop it scampering all over the seeds, it's a staffy with size twelve paws lol, and it's a bloody nightmare.

    So in the end it was a mad rush cause I got a half decent day, and I didn't know what the next day was bringing, sure enough it ****** down, definitely take your point about September it would have been better, I was actually contemplating waiting till spring, but I was already raking out clover on the surface of my good riddled soil, so I thought it was best to just get it done, the soil was getting a little hard as well, cause even though it was sifted, I think it still had a little clay content, could that have caused a problem if the soil was too hard?
    Lastly what does panned soil mean? The reason I asked about the temperature was because I had red fescue in the mix of seed, and someone on YouTube I follow said fescue needs at least 10°c, Thanks.
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    Patience is a virtue, can take two or three weeks at this time of the year but it’ll appear before long.

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