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    Hi all, I see there are lots of posts about condensation issues on existing garage roofs and the best way to fix this however I couldn't see much about what the options are on a new roof.

    I currently have a garage (single skin block) with a mono low pitch bitumen roof which needs replacement.

    I've been considering replacement with a metal box profile roof as it's much cheaper than rubber, however I'm concerned about condensation forming. I understand there are anti condensation metal sheets available which have a flock liner to avoid this but they seem a lot more expensive and due to the size of the garage 5.7x4.1m I'm being told it's too small a job for merchants to supply me with this (perhaps I've not looked around enough).

    The question is, can I just provide a separate flock underlay secured to the existing timbers and then fix the standard metal roofing on top of it? If so, what spec underlay do I provide?

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks
  2. KIAB

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    GRP roofing, will last around 50 years,easy to repair if damage, available in many colours,could have a cold roof,(insulation on inside or warm roof,insulation outside).

    Loads of links on Google.
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    Previously I have fixed floor insulation to the underside of the sheets using expanding foam. Typically an 8x4 sheet 25mm thick is less than £8 each

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