New Shower and Tub in bathroom - need advice pls

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    Hi Guys,

    I need to change my bathroom up a little as it is currently set up for baths with a roll top tub whereas we take showers. Basically I have worked out that the best solution will be a P-shaped tub and a thermostatic shower. However, I am trying to keep it very cheap and do not want to bury any pipes as the toilet has exposed chrome piping so I thought it would match that look. So my concern for the shower is which shower mixer to get and which shower attachment will fit. I can get a bath mounted mixer like such:

    and then attach

    (my mrs really wants the rain fall effect big shower head so I thought this might be suitable).

    However, there is any way I can run the pipes on the surface of the tiles up from the bath and the thermostatic mixer shower on the wall as opposed to deck mounted on the bath? That way I can get an all in one job:

    maybe using something like this:

    Does anyone have any other suggestions?

    Another question relates to the fitting of the tub. The only place I can put the tub is against the inside wall of the bathroom which as a tiled box running along the bottom of it for the toilet waste. If I submit dimensions would someone be able to tell me if the bottom inside of the tub would be ok to clear the waste pipe?

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    Did I post this in the wrong forum?
  3. Hi Salam.

    I think the lack of responses is just a case of the things you're asking being a bit 'out of the box', so the plumbs on here cannot really comment without seeing in the flesh the fittings involved, or the physical bath and pipe.

    If you remove the boxing around the pipe you'll have a much better idea what size you are dealing with. I reckon there's a very good chance if you contact the bath suppliers they'll be able to then advise on whether there's room.

    As for your shower fixing idea, where would the 2 pipes go to once they come down the wall surface and reach the bath?
  4. Completely surface-mounted mixers do exist (not saying this is a good example - ) or perhaps even 'Victorian' types ( ) can be used provided the water inlets can be turned downwards AND the actual shower body can be attached to the wall.

    Unless you can get a 'proper' solution like the above, then I'm not surprised that plumbs haven't come on here to advise on a 'cobbled' job.

    However, they still might... :rolleyes:
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    Just to give you something to think about! Do you have any adjoining rooms to the bathroom that you can take some space out of. Just in the middle of installing a very large cabin shower unit in a small bathroom. Which I have taken out an adjoining wall stealing some bedroom space. Pic below shows that literally now only have the shower doors in the bathroom

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