new shower fitted, not hot enough

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Radders, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Radders

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    Now this looks interesting, you maybe right, can see a brass cogged wheel, however unsure how the nylon lever holder comes off, can anyone help? 20190209_091739.jpg
  2. andy48

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    You might try, BEFORE adjusting the maximum temperature:
    1. Push in any override button, turning the shower to full hot, to see if you can get the temperature you want.
    2. If you can, then its highly likely the shower only needs adjusting (see below).
    3. If it won't reach your desired temperature, it may or may not be an adjustment problem. You could then still try the following, but it might be something entirely different.

    Before starting I would:
    1. Refit the chrome cover, move the lever to the vertically down position and remove the cover again.
    2. Mark a line on the inside of the brass outer ring, and make equivalent marks on the white nylon disc and the outer translucent plastic disc. At least you will then be able to put it all back together the same way.

    1. Check the hole on the nylon disc and see if there is a screw inside. If so, remove it, and repeat for any hole diametrically opposite and not visible in your photo.
    2. I would then expect the nylon lever, together with the nylon disc, to simply pull off the splined brass shaft.

    When its off, see if there are pins / cams which limit the rotation of the splined brass shaft. If there are, note their positions, then adjust as you see fit. Re-assemble and test. If its adjustable, then the fiddly bit will probably getting the lever vertical for the desired normal temperature.
  3. Radders

    Radders Member

    Cheers andy, before I dive in does the unit have to be isolated and drained down? Definitely no red override button and having just checked there aren't any retaining screws in the nylon disc. i assume the out brass ring has to be removed to allow the centre components to be freed? Again thanks
  4. The Teach

    The Teach Well-Known Member

    Have you tried an allen key in the central recess ? That could be the adjuster.

    The plastic fork is attached to the round plastic plate,which fits on the outer splines. the plastic fork may just pull straight out or it may bring the round plastic plate off the splines,pencil mark its location :).

    Best turn the water off before tinkering ;)
  5. Radders

    Radders Member

    Turning into a nightmare this, only way to access the adjusting screw is to shut down and remove whole unit, adjusting screw has no effect to temperature. Sadly garage 'stores' dont have any sov's so can't close cold to prove if hot is ok ( which is really hot everywhere eles). Really confused old mixer was brilliant other than leaking!
  6. Radders

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    What a t*t, whilst I'm telling you I couldn't access the ant-scald screw without lifting (turning on) the lever and thus drenching myself, suddenly dawned on me why not strip off and get in the shower with my allen key.

    works a treat, red hot shower now.

    I get worse the older I get!
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