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    Evening all,

    Currently managing my own extension build. We are relocating the existing kitchen across the house into the new extension which happens to be in line with the location of the external stopcock.
    The old Kitchen will become a living room so in an ideal world we wouldn’t want the old stopcock for the rest of the house still in service.

    what work is required when we run the new pipe from the mains to the new kitchen so that that is the only stop cock for the whole house including extension?
    Any help and advice would be really appreciated
  2. terrymac

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    The new supply / stopcock needs to be connected to your existing internal cold pipework .Exactly where that can be done depends on the layout of your premises pipework. And of course you will need to extend from new stopcock to your new kitchen .
    Some work required to remove redundant sections of pipe from existing stopcock.
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