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    Hi all
    I'm in need of some advise regarding my thermostat on my boiler. The thermostat has been on the blink for awhile now, had to wiggle it about to get it to work over past few weeks, now today it has finally given up and decided not to do anything...

    I'm quite sure it's just the thermostat as on the last boiler service they suggested having a new one fitted.

    The thermostat I have controls both hot water and heating, I have taken the thermostat off the wall, it's a wired thermostat with two wires that it connects too...

    Am I right I thinking any thermostat that controls both water and heating that has two wires would work if I fitted it?

    Many thanks

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  2. Mike83

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    These programmers are obsolete.
    Is it a Honeywell smartfit system?
  3. Hans_25

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    Most timers today use 5 cables - LNE, and 2 switched lives for CH and HW and the thermostat is srparate too, which may be a 2 or 3 wire setup. Look at a Drayton LP522 as an example of a pretty standard timer.
  4. Mike83

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    If you can’t find a Honeywell smartfit programmer then all the controls will need replaced.
    This includes the zone valves, programmer, cylinder stat.

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