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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Chris_ach, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. Chris_ach

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    I've laid the below porcelain tiles, and despite a lot of scrubbing, and light scrape to remove excess adhesive, I still cannot get my tiles up clean to almost how I bought them.

    Any ideas on how best to get rid of the marks you see on the pictures below?

    I've just ordered some white vinegar to test tomorrow but any other ideas are welcomed.

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  2. fabro

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    Try some chemicals. While being in the lockdown I suggest trying a delivery from amazon and read the reviews or post questions there. I used in the past a good grout remover and that worked wonders. Be careful with vinegar as it is acetic acid, try on an off-cut first.
  3. Chris_ach

    Chris_ach New Member

    Thanks buddy. I used lithofin cement residue remover which cleaned them up.

    My main mistake was rushing forward and not properly cleaning the tiles as I went along.

    I got majority off etc, but now I'm going slower and cleaning to a good state before carrying on.

    Thanks a lot for feedback

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