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  1. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Was planning to do this last year, but too busy with other jobs.

    Current WC with low level WC. boxing in for soil stack in corner.

    Going for a concealed cistern. Although it was functional wanted something more modern and a way to hide all the pipework.


    Upon closer inspection, there was a leak on the double bracnch socket on soil stack.

    Stripped all the boxing in. Adjusted the copper water pipes to go under the floor.

    Cold fill for toilet cistern is clipped to the batten.

    Boxing in underway with 9mm ply over. The plan was to supply the water and wast from the other side of wall in (bathroom) so it would supply both basins.

    Plan changed!

    Decided to go for slimline cabinets to go under the sink, may make up something as they are quite dear.
    So have run independent supply for this sink. I have soled a small stub and fitted a push fit stop end.

    Hot and cold water supply pipes have been routed up for connect to sink. Changes the plastic levers to match water temperatures.
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  2. ginger tuffs

    ginger tuffs Active Member

    looks good and make room look bigger
  3. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Happy with the sink, its a worktop ans sink in one piece. and only £70 I think.

    Wasn't sure about units so didn't order any to go under it. Sink is held up with a batten underneath.

    Had quote of nearly £330 for both units to go under the sink, which is a bit too much. A 400mm with a door will open when the pan is fixed.

    Things I have planned.

    Fitting an LED mirror and ordered a made to measure blind off ebay.
  4. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Should take about another week to fully finish off with vinyl flooring and painting at my speed.
  5. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Does anybody fit a non return valve to the cold fill for the cistern,is there any need too, it was something old plumber I worked with recommended doing & I still do.
  6. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Boxing framework complete. Checked all the pipe connections, solvent weld joints and reinstated the insulation.

    Made up the corner piece by using a router bi to first cut rebates to accept 9mm ply, then finished off by with round over bit. Best to get a straight piece of timber for this.


    Not going for an LED mirror now. Did order one from ebay but seemed cheap and no void behind mirror to accept the wiring, unless you start hacking out the wall. ended up returning the mirror and visited a local glazier who will make up the mirror to my size using 6mm thick glass, polished edges and 4x fixing holes.

    I have however added a shaver socket point to power toothbrush etc.

    I cut the ply slightly longer so it lips behind the sink, yet being able to remove in future should the need arise.

    I also did the tiling today, but will upload pictures tomorrow, after grouting.

    Getting there and hope to finish by the weekend.
  7. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Yesterday installed tiles, only wanted a small splash back. used small tiles together with a mosaic with a chrome edge.

    Mosaic came in a 300x300mm sheet, and trimmed to size to give me 4 rows. The first piece fitted OK as the edges are toothed.

    Has to cut some small pieces to make up the voids as didn't work. Found a tile cutter is better to cut the glass pieces to avoid minimal damage.

    A batten was stalled so could start of the tiling as the sink was temporarily removed.


    Grouting in process. Put packers in the edge so it enables the boxing cover to be removed in future.

    All excess now sponged off. Will go over with a mild scorer to remove and marks.

    Got the mirror today and drilled the 4 fixing holes. Just finished first coat of paint on the walls, ceiling only needed one coat, starting to look a lot nicer now and can see the finished pictures.

    Quite difficult working in a small WC and can feel claustrophobic at times. :eek:
  8. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Boxed in!:D
  9. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Another hard days work.

    Began first thing paint the final coat on the walls using Dulux bathroom paint, its a colour I mixed with little I had left over from previous jobs.

    The WC unit has now been fitted. This unit was made by a company as I struggles to get a 700mm width unit. They made it specially using dimension I provided. The unit dosnt go all the way to floor as most of the lower unit would have to be notches for the soil pipe.

    A batten was screwed to the back of the wall to accept the unit and packed up, I messed up with the measurements first time around :(. 2 flat plats were also screwed to the batten to keep it held in place.


    It came with adjustable extendable feet, which weren't too good. Found them wobbly. Instead I cut short lengths of solvent weld pipe to make up the difference in height.:)

    Marked and cut out the front panel to accept the pipework. The pan has been centered within the unit. The panel goes all the way to floor leaving, leaving a 1/2" gap.

    Panel Now slided into place and happy I got the measurements right, so relieved :D

    When I first did the first fix plumbing I was undecided as to what connections to use. Normally I prefer to do the pipework in copper, but flex tails allow movement if it ever it needs servicing. Don't really like the bend on it :( may look at doing something with this.....

    Mirror now fixed, and started to work on the sink.

    Sink is held up mostly by the batten underneath. And having it trapped under the tiling keeps it held in place. Not siliconed around it yet.

    Until I make up the units or boxing In. I have secured the sink further by adding plates on both edges so *** cant be pulled out of place.


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  10. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Fitted the vinyl. Just a few last touches now :)

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  11. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Few finishing touches. Siliconed the top of the pan and around the sink.

    Things left to do:

    Make base unit
    Going to make up a combination of slimline units to go under the sink. A single door 400 unit under the sink will work and allow the door to open if hinges on the left. Thi will hide all the pipe work. Another 400mm will be made up as well. I think I have the tools and skill to make this up

    Will get round to this later in the year, as can't machine the wood inside and weather is ****.

    WC unit Lid
    The WC didn't come with a lid. Looking on ebay for worktop off-cuts to fit. Seen a few quartz ones I like. May pop into a DIY store who sometimes have offcuts for sale.

    Fit door stop
    Door handle is banging into the radiator, undecided whether to just affix a sticky bumper pad or fit a floor door stop

    Some touching up to do. Need to paint the woodwork in satinwood, as just undercoated for now.
  12. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Now fitted the worktop.

    Managed to get all from the 3m lenght to cover both projects.


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