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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by apritcha, Sep 8, 2017.

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    I'm building an extension and as part of this will be installing a new water connection. I'm getting close to pouring the foundations but am having trouble finding information and/or materials for getting the water pipe into the building.

    I've seen various water company diagrams/instructions stating that there should be a 110mm duct, the pipes need to be insulated inside it and the ends blocked. If this is correct it's OK apart from the fact that the duct appears to only be available in 50m rolls at considerable expense.

    Building control on the other hand have indicated that this is not necessary and there is a duct commonly referred to as a 'hockey stick' pre-formed for the task and about 63mm diameter. I've not been able to find any reference to this however, the only ones I can find are white for installing power into meter boxes and are smaller diameter.

    Has anyone got experience with this? The water pipe needs to be over 750mm below ground for frost protection so I need to get this sorted before I can pour my foundations.

    Thanks in advance...
  2. Aadm B-

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    Hi there apritcha

    I used 94/110MM BLUE DUCTING LENGTH (6M) when I fitted a new mains water pipe to my house, Bristol Water came to have a look before the hole was filled and approved it. It's bendable, twin walled and easy to cut, and more over comes in 6m lengths. I followed the instructions provided by Bristol Water to ensure that my work was to their standards.

    Link to Bristol Water leaflet:

    Ducting from JDP

    Good luck!
  3. apritcha

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    Thanks, Bristol water's document was one of the ones I found while searching. Did you have to insulate the pipe inside the duct too?

    Strange that my BCO doesn't seem to know about what the water companies want.
  4. Aadm B-

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    I did. And I buried it to the specified depth. When the chaps arrived to dig up the road and connect it up they said: I don't know why they ask you to bury it so deep the mains pipe is only a foot below the road! And sure enough it was.
  5. apritcha

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    Oh well, the pipe is laid ready for foundation pour tomorrow (later today technically). Thanks for your help, It doesn't really matter if it's deeper than required as long as it stops them refusing to connect me because I don't have the correct building entry point! ;-)


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