Newel post height ?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Kevin Kitchen, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Kevin Kitchen

    Kevin Kitchen New Member


    I'm replacing some newel posts and handrails in my semi detached home. I know the handrail needs to be between 900mm and 1000mm. So I'm going for 950mm

    But what do you guys usually set the newel posts ?

    I know it needs to be higher But by how much ?
  2. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    Your height is governed by the pitch line, lay a straightedge across the front of your treads, the part that touches has formed the pitch line. Measure vertically from any part of this to show where handrail should be positioned, 900mm minimum to top of handrail. Clamp a piece of timber 6ft long or thereabouts to the bottom string, offer up handrail to timber and Mark off the pitch line where 950mm lands on the timber. Transfer this measurement to your newel post by offering the timber alongside the post and you know how much to cut off the bottom. You hopefully shouldn't go wrong doing it like this as you only need to make one measurement.
  3. Emanuel

    Emanuel Member

    Hi Kevin

    I found this video very helpful when renovating our stairs at home :

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