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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Fatboy, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Fatboy

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    Am just about to have a new stud wall plastered. Does anyone have any tips for painting on the new plaster? I'm really after opinions on roller vs brush vs pads - in the past I've used pads on fresh plaster but have ended up with a very flat / dull finish - I'm wondering if using a roller would give a slightly more textured and life like finish??

    Also, how do you go about painting a full height stairwell? From bottom step to ceiling must be about 18 feet - ok I can reach with a roller and extension but what about cutting in?!!

  2. jay

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    Hi skinny, on new plaster u want to thin the first coat down with about 30% water then fill walls , let dry , rub down then apply top coat (not thinned) touching in the filler with brush then roll. use a medium pile roller remembering to wash the roller out before use to get rid of any loose fibres.
    As for the stair well use a ladder and a scaffold board with one end on a rung on the ladder with the other going to a pair of steps at the top of the stairs this will allow you to cut in!!! good luck
  3. iandiy

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    dont buy cheap paint!!!!!
    i have made this mistake in the past and it really is false economy
    a couple of good coats of decent emulsion after the aformentioned prep gives a very satisfying result

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