Next door neighbor complaining about DIY noise

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by charlie83, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. sospan

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    According to Lord of the Rings ; Coneys - served with Tatters
  2. Astramax

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    Are you anaemic by any chance.
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  3. Astramax

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  4. KIAB

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  5. sospan

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    And then bang on her door and complain about the noise - crafty !
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  6. Astramax

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    A case of 'don't do as I do, do as I say!:rolleyes:
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  7. sospan

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    Lived next to a real specimen previously. One day she knocked on the door asking me if I could stop the leaves on trees in my garden falling on her car on her drive. A few days later, I came home and thought there was something missing from the house - she had hired a tree surgeon and told him it was ok to come into my garden and cut the trees down, six silver birch trees. They were about 20 ft from the boundary.
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  8. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Hope you sued her sospan..................criminal damage?
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  9. sospan

    sospan Screwfix Select

    She was arrested and given the choice Police caution and pay damages or go to court and get a conviction and still pay damages. Quite a few run ins with her over the years before we moved. In the end the Police threatened her with an ASBO despite looking like a dear old granny and a regular church goer she wasn't nice at all. All the street used to complain about her complaining.

    One time there was a knock on the door between 1am and 2am. It was the Police checking, if we were ok and had we heard anything. The old bat had called the Police because she could hear banging, screaming and then groaning coming from her semi-detached neighbour. I explained to the coppers, its the early hours of Sunday morning, in the house is a body builder and his 20 something model girlfriend whom have just come back from the pub about an hour ago - may give you a clue to as to what the "banging" was followed by the screaming and groaning. Copper came back 10 mins later, said everything was fine, very fine indeed Sir !
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  10. charlie83

    charlie83 New Member

    Wow cutting your trees down, that's extreme, crazy b***h! She's a single woman with a teenage son. Me & the Mrs were debating whether or not she might have had a few drinks before storming round. I've got a load of work to do Saturday morn, I'm going to be getting on as normal.
  11. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    If you do not post any updates were guess what happened to you..............good luck!:p
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  12. Heat

    Heat Screwfix Select

    Next time you speak to her, smile and be really polite and then drop in to the conversation you were wondering was she under the influence of a few drinks, as it seemed out of character of her?

    It is a polite way of saying - “You were a mad drunken like nutcase” :p
  13. sospan

    sospan Screwfix Select

    One of my daughters is a qualified psychologist. She has a coffee mug which has on the front "Keep talking while I am diagnosing you" Always puts people off when they start talking
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  14. Missever

    Missever New Member

    Oh... I'll bet there queuing up. :rolleyes:
  15. Sparkielev

    Sparkielev Screwfix Select

    No they not queueing up prob why she moody
  16. Missever

    Missever New Member

    No... I didn't mean the men.
    I meant the women wouldn't be queuing up for it.
    Well... you just wouldn't.
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  17. Tangoman

    Tangoman Well-Known Member

    When people are bothered by noise to the extent they are leaving the house to escape it, it's a sign they are highly stressed - struggling with something else in their lives. The description of her atypical behaviour pretty much confirms that - when people are emotional and stressed, it manifests in various ways, one of which is to dump that emotion out in a rant about something completely unrelated to the real problem.

    From your perspective you need to crack on with the work, and you've done nothing wrong, but it would probably help to make an effort - even if it's just a heads up when you've got stuff to do - what you're doing etc. It can help to know!

    e.g. I remember going through a period of insomnia (due to stress at work) many years back, and there was thumping coming from the neighbour above at all hours of the night. The noise itself wasn't as disturbing as my anger at someone making these kind of noises in the middle of the night. Finally I confronted them about it and it turned out they had a hyperactive baby. After that, when I heard the noise, I knew it was just a toddler, NOT a thoughtless neighbour and it didn't keep me awake any more.
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  18. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Had something similar.

    Single mother with young teenage daughter.

    Making noises throughout night, but not loud.

    Think she had problems as hardly seen her outside, most of the time stuck in bedroom :(
  19. sally green

    sally green Active Member

    Scary reading. Possibly it was the time of the month for this woman?

    My parents have had problems years ago. They lived in a nice area and the property next door was rented out. The **** with a baby never worked had a couple of blokes would make noises but complain about anything and everything. Now they live in a nicer area a small detached 4 bed house and the neighbour on the left a single parent husband had left her is a loud-mouthed cow. She complained about tree overhand but it was already like that and parents agreed to pay a ffew thousand to have them cut, then she said they were too hight, paid another couple of k's. Then she wanted some trees cut down as blocking her light and dad told her he wont as trees have been there for many, many years, no her new man gives my parents dirty looks and park right up towards my parents drive but if you just park out their house they will come out and make you move. The other day my brother parked up in his new Range Rover, as my parent's drive was blocked with their car, my car, boiler mans car and a car in front of parents home not sure whos so my brother parked his car half out my parents and half in front of theirs. Clearly away from the drive etc and the woman came out with her new man telling him to move the car he told them he was entitled to park their but would move it as not want trouble. The bloke called him a coward and brother asked him to say that again and "put it in writing that you are going to assault Mr...." the bloke pushed him and my brother
    automatic reaction was a left, right left combo and the man fell back onto the front garden grass and the woman screaming kicked my brother and his slapped her hard around the face in self-defence as he was worried that the two of them may get the bettter of him so nip it in the bud. The man got up swearing
    and said he was going to get a metal bar so to stop him my brother lifted him and did a body slam and they then called the police. As it was my brothers and my word against their it was no fruther action. Thankfully since then they look over sheepishly but not said anything and that was a good 18 months ago.

    A relative did say to my brother that he should not have hit a woman but he said it was self defence and if anyone hits him he will slap them hard as he does not want to be injured or killed by low lives and we all agree with him.

    Best to avoid people like this but at times they just won't leave you alone. I've promised myself that if the woman ever swears or threatens my parents I will kick her teeth out and since the trouble with my brother, I go kickboxing 3 times a week and quite accomplished at it.

    These hypocrites need a thrashing at times but the danger is these creatures know other creatures who will make your life miserable but at times a good smack can do the trick.
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  20. Sparkielev

    Sparkielev Screwfix Select

    See this type of behaviour daily mainly from low life's who have never worked and think the world owes them a living, your brother did the right thing, in fact I would say he probably should of went further
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