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  1. Phil the Paver

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  2. PC Works

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    Sickening really. As if the NHS isn't under enough stress without the acts of these scumbags. I cannot stand keyboard warriors in any form
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  3. KIAB

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    Very nasty attack, nhs, gp pratices, & others affected by it, they think they have identified the ramsomware as 'Wanna Decryptor', which is very unpleasant.
    But, the sad thing is a lot of places are running old MS OS's like Windows XP, which extended support ended on April 8, 2014, & MS still provide security essential until July 14, 2015, yet firms are still using, same with Windows Millenium, NT4,etc, they are still using them, darn crazy.
    With such old OS's in use they are wide open to cyber attacks, etc.
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  4. Wayners

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    NHS should start switching to open source software. Microsoft is just to open to this type of attack. Proprietary software cost to much plus to many restrictions what with licences, I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner. It's not right though. Not easy to fix the problem though.
  5. KIAB

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    Well, it's taken 9 years for Inel to patch this vulnerability, so it's just not operating systems at risk.

  6. Wayners

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  7. Part of a bigger attack overall apparantly.

    Im no computer expert, but surely it is traceable?

    The culprits need finding.

    Cyber attacks are bad. Probably expected on certain sites. But hospitals etc?

    No justification. At all!
  8. KIAB

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  9. Phil the Paver

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    Technology the death of the human race. Aided and abetted by governments worldwide. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  10. KIAB

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    You can cover your tracks, so tracing anybody is unlikely, & money is usually paid in bitcoins.
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  11. KIAB

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    And MS,Apple & others.

    Wannacry, also known as Wanna Decryptor, exploits a vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows operating system, yet again.:mad:

    Also the attack is on a Friday, some don't work weekends,so come Monday it might get even worse, when firms start a new week..

    There was a article about HP laptops today, they found a hidden keylogger in the audio driver, so easy to get your passwords, etc.
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  12. Phil the Paver

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    Like using smart TVs to spy on people. Nothing safe these days, but certain peeps are adamant we have a better life than our parents, Really. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  13. KIAB

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  14. longboat

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    I don't think they consult their moral compas before carrying out such attacks. Do you?
    What are criminals like, eh?
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  15. KIAB

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    Sadly it's a quick way to make a lot of money, & done correctly, it's highly likely untracable, due to it being a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system .

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  16. joinerjohn1

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    Yep, around four this afternoon we were told to shut down all computers laptops and iPads and not to answer the ward phone, even if it was ringing from an internal number. Next thing , loads of paperwork we haven't used for at least 18 months was brought out and each patients folder was worked upon by all the staff. one back up computer on our ward was left switched on, medication sheets and handover sheets were quickly printed off before the plug was pulled on that one too. Main way it has affected us here is that patient transfers between wards just can't happen as quickly, with a hell of a lot of paperwork and mobile calls between wards when transfers are undertaken. All our systems are currently offline, so Lorenzo, Extramed, Patientrack and Electronic Whiteboards are all out of action until it's been resolved. People working in the IT department ain't looking for a nice weekend off. ;)
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  17. longboat

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    Yes, I agree that if it's done correctly there is a very slim chance that the perpetrators will be caught, but, I reckon that if the scale of this recent attack is as bad as it's being reported then they (the culprits) could well have bitten off more than they can chew, and no expense will be spared in tracking them down.
    Many tentacles will be going out over this.

  18. Yes ok.

    But even criminals , some at least, have some limits
  19. longboat

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    I'm sure 'some' of them do.

    But, the days of coshing someone over the head with a bit of lead-pipe, are well gone.
  20. fillyboy

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    Jack, this is an NHS thread, do we need to bring Mandelson into it.

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