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    So ya keep telling us DA, You warned us in the UK about a situation we had absolutely no control over, yet when he became President of the USA, you come back telling us "we done wrong" What exactly did we , here in the UK do wrong? Christ DA don't you dare ever come on here calling anyone for a result they have nothing to do with. Have no control over , and more importantly can't do sweet fa about.

    Anyway, back to the topic in hand.... Our hospital wasn't affected at all (apparently) Computers etc were turned off as a precaution, as IT experts just didn't know which systems stood to be affected. From all reports, the virus attacked systems that were not adequately patched. Thank God ours were. I suppose when you really look at it the NHS were not the only victims of this attack, with many reports coming in worldwide. Nissan , FedEx, Renault and even the Russian Interior Ministry reporting at least 1000 of their computers affected.

    Hmm, I'd have to build a time machine and go back and ask my grandparents/ great grandparents, just what did they do before July 1948. Just how did they choose between seeking medical care and either paying the gas/leccy bill, rent, or putting food on the table? (they seemed to manage alright though, or else none of us "working class" would be here to complain about the present government/ Brexit, Pres of the USA etc, etc.)

    Anyway DA, if the NHS does get privatised,,, I wonder if I'll get "staff discount" ?
  2. Caulk it, pal.
  3. JJ, almost certainly had there not been a Leave result here, there would not have been a Trump over there.

    Even his own side acknowledges this.

    And let's get this straight - you can claim to diss' Trump as much as you want, be he is ideologically hand-in-hand with the group that fed you the fabricated lines that you so wanted to hear about 'anti-establishment' and 'immigration'.

    They fed the beast within you.

    And you didn't have the critical faculties - or perhaps the desire - to challenge it.

    There is no getting away from that simple truism, JJ (et al) - you did this.

    Even when some on here pointed out just who was pulling your strings. And what their ideological desires were for the NHS, amongst other things.

    Anyhoo, pleased about your PC systems having survived - clearly a bonus in them being more antiquated than usual... :)

    But concerned about your last point - are you suggesting that we 'managed' before the NHS was formed, prioritising our weekly bills in case we became ill, so a change to privatisation would be no different?!

    I've never seen such a direct and open acceptance that privatisation would 'simply' be a return to the pre-1948 era...

    Yeah, we'll "manage all right..."
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    Even by your standards, that's utter tosh.

    You know the reasons for both, a fightback against globalisation pure and simple.
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    I'm not saying we should privatise the NHS DA, I'm asking what happened before we had the NHS ? I don't know. My grandparents are not here to tell me what they did when illness struck (but I'm sure they must have done something? )

    Unbelievable , even by your standards DA.(or perhaps not) You now blame us for the way Americans voted.. As Filly says,, "Utter tosh" What planet do you claim to live on?
  7. Actually it is true.

    You either know this yourself, or you intentionally ignore factual sources of information.
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  8. Planet reality, JJ.

    It would only take you a few seconds to confirm it.

    Anyhoo, it is still incredible that someone is treating the potential demise of the NHS with such lack of concern - 'hey, people managed before it was there!'

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    They died.
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    Oh, carp, not again.
    You really do rub off on me, DA.
  11. longboat

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    Everyone does. No escaping it.
  12. Some people's arguments on here have died a horrible death too... :rolleyes:
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  13. Post 54 , you said

    Where did you pull that little piece of fantasy from?
    Can't have been the headlines, cos as we all know and are reminded constantly...
    You, don't read the headlines, do ya?

    Post 55, I said

    You dont listen to, or read about your idols then?

    Lots of info available.

    Here ia quick link, from a Tory too.


    I doubt you will read it, so I will highlight a section for you.

    However, he went on to claim Gove had wanted to privatise the NHS, Johnson wished to charge people for health services and Duncan Smith advocated moving to a social insurance system.

    “The NHS is about as safe with them as a pet hamster would be with a hungry python,” Major said on BBC1’s The Andrew Marr Show.

    You denied this fact, supporting evidence easily available on the net. Lots of comments by your shepherds easily available to find, by saying in post 57

    It's all doom and gloom with you isn't it?
    I asked how you came to the conclusion that the Tories want to privatise the, NHS, and you produce a pro-remain piece of propaganda designed to frighten the living daylights out of people before the day of the vote.
    Thanks for showing us all yet another 'end of days' prediction that failed to materialise. Tens of millions fell for it tho, so don't beat yourself up about it too much, you weren't alone.
    The remainers are proving to be a dab hand at getting things wrong.
    Carry on with your proselytising if you must, but I for one won't be swayed by your all too transparent displays of desperation.

    So I asked in post 59, a clear specific question (in 3 parts)

    So it is a flat denial of what has been said and intended?

    Or its fake news?

    Or you just don't know ?

    Do try and answer the question though

    The very next post, 60, you had forgotten all of it, and were unable to answer.

    Either you deny what has been said by them (easily available as i have said)

    Or its fake news (but its not, is it )

    Or you just don't know. That is the most likely position for you.

    But that means that you are not aware what your establishment figures are after, and want.

    And like a sheep you have just followed their big headlines. Costs and immigration and decided that is enough for you.

    Which means you really don't understand what is going on. Which is what we have been saying on various threads for months.

    So you realise you are a bit exposed, so in post 62 you try to attack with juvenile petty comments

    I would give up using words for which you have shown time and time again scant regard to their meaning. 'Honest', 'truth'.
    Nar, they don't sit well with you do they!

    Now, what was that pertinent question, you didn't ask?

    And on post 67, where you are still trying to dodge

    I don't enjoy your pathetic struggling when I've backed you into a corner, Jack.
    Pants down again, for you me lad.

    Proving it is your pants that are around your ankles.

    Post 79 by DA just highlights some of the information you are blind to or unaware of.

  14. So, we dont need hospitals, doctors, nurses, ambulances or any other expensive part of the nhs do we.

    What an odd comment to make!
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    8/10 for effort. Well done.
    3/10 for content. You omitted a few important details. Do try to be more concise.
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    Really? I can't follow the cause and effect relationship here.

    I think it could be argued that a growing dissatisfaction within the working class and older electorate led to both effects - but surely it's a stretch to say Brexit caused President Trump's election victory.

    You're using Trump's side as a reputable source?

    JJ did this?!

    I don't admire the outcome, but if JJ decided the US election then it's an impressive achievement.

    I wouldn't have thought JJ capable of that.

    Is JJ, by any chance, Russian?

    Not advocating it, just pointing out that it is possible to have universal health care (lacking in 1948) and privatized hospitals at the same time.
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    Odd indeed, but as it's you who's said it, it's nothing unusual.

  18. Kept it concise and accurate, as you know.

    Lets try again, see if you can answer?

    You said

    Where did you pull that little piece of fantasy from?
    Can't have been the headlines, cos as we all know and are reminded constantly...
    You, don't read the headlines, do ya?

    I asked

    So it is a flat denial of what has been said and intended?

    Or its fake news?

    Or you just don't know ?

    Any answer, or avoidance ?

    You know about it, you dont believe it, or know nothing about it?

  19. The best twist and diversion you could do?

    Juvenile, as expected
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    I agree with the collective indignation at this attack, but before we go running around trying to apportion blame, consider this. The computers affected were running Windows XP, an old, no longer supported operating system that is well known to have gaping holes in security. Amber Rudd said is wasn't old computers and lack of investment that led to this, but yesterday the government accepted that it was only the old computers with the old operating systems that were affected. Another factual innactitude by the ill informed Ms Rudd. We should be employing these hackers to tell us how to avoid being hacked, us 'old uns', even the computer savvy ones, are out of touch with the methods and systems used to hack.

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