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    Looking at who has been a victim of this, I don't believe it was an attack on any particular company/organization par say, it was a Malware that only attacked old very insecure systems worldwide and the NHS just happened to be one.

    Having said that its a bit disappointing to know that all our medical records are kept on such a system. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Yes, but you missed a good chunk of the conversation out that went in between.

    You stated that the Conservatives wanted to privatise the.NHS.
    I asked if you had any evidence to back up your outlandish claim and was presented with a pro-remain propaganda article that insinuated that 'three' MP's from the Leave campaign who had mused over possible reforms for the NHS were going to privatise the institution all by themselves if the country won a leave majority.

    Now, come on, Jack, three different, thinking aloud scenarios do not a conservative policy make.
    Let alone an act of parliament which would require majority approval in both houses. How likely do you think that is, given the strong national pride that the electorate hold for the, NHS?
    Political suicide springs to mind.

    But hey, you just keep on reading them headlines, the ones you constantly assure us all you don't in 'fact', take any notice of.

    Placing yourself on a pedestal makes it so much easier to knock you over.

  3. So your answer is , you dont believe?

    Despite it being presented in front of you?

    Did you read DA's comments on it?

    A simple, dont believe, its fake news, or don't know is all thats needed.

    You dont need to avoid it
  4. Phil the Paver

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    I think he said all he needed to in the reply above your post.

    You now need to provide the proof that what your saying is going to happen, speculation is in its self pointless, after all we all know how the remain camp speculation of Brexit in the immediate aftermath turned out don't we.
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  5. longboat

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    None of your opinions match my own on the matter.
    I've already explained my take on it and I mean exactly what I said, ie, yet another futile example of 'scare the bejeebus outa people' from the remainers campaign.

  6. So you cant say you dont believe it, or its fake news, or you dont know?
  7. longboat

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    I most certainly did, but as I don't worship the man as a deity his comments have slipped my mind.
    He does liken himself to being a reincarnation of 'vishnu', which for a man who professes complete condemnation to all organised religion, is a bit weird, but....
    Nowt as ***** as folk.
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  8. longboat

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    One man's opinion is not fake news.
    It's an opinion.
    An opinion that I happen to disagree with in this instance.

  9. So, simply please?

    You don't believe it ?
  10. longboat

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    Here we go again.:rolleyes:
    What dont I believe?
  11. So it is a flat denial of what has been said and intended?

    Or its fake news?

    Or you just don't know ?

    You don't believe it? Option 1 above

    Or you don't believe it because its fake news, option 2 above

    If you just answered it would be so much simpler
  12. joinerjohn1

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    Answering his question
    Would be unbelievably simpler.

  13. My question has been going since page 3 and still not answered.

    I'm happy waiting.

    It is fairly simple really.

    Surely you dont need it repeating again?
  14. joinerjohn1

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    So,, you expect us to trawl through the thread ? Why didn't ya say? Talk about going round the ring road six times to get to the city centre. :rolleyes: (I'll let you do the honours of actually asking your direct question (in plain English this time) , or at least linking to it)

    I reckon you enjoyed the film The Marathon Man. I'm sure you played the mad dentist who kept asking Dustin Hoffman "Is it safe?" didn't ya.

  15. No need to trawl.

    Its been repeated various times.

    Longs knows exactly what he is being asked, and he understands how difficult such a simple question is.

    I'm just waiting to see if he will answer.

    My money says he won't answer, but never mind I am quite happy waiting.
  16. CURSE YOU btiw for being so fair-minded. Enough already... :)

    This is what I am saying: Trump barely won that election - he even lost the 'popular vote'. Any minor influence could have swung it either way. And there is a strong consensus - yes, which even includes the Trump camp - that the Brexit decision could have swung it.

    Trump used virtually the same rhetoric as the Leave campaign, just a more extreme version: "Give control back to the people!", "America/Britain FIRST!", "anti-establishment" and some truly scurrilous and selective claims about immigrants and their supposed negative effects on the country.

    Trump was essentially an out-of-control Farage. But they spoke of the same ideology.

    Then there's the populations of each country, with Americans being even less critically functional than the Brits. (During Trump's campaign excesses, I told myself that he wouldn't get away with such lies and posturing over here. But then Farage and Johnson opened their mouths, and I nearly wept.)

    Many dumb Americans look across the pond to their 'mother country' for inspiration, and would have thought "Hmmm - so that's what they are voting for, perhaps Trump is right." The think of Great Britain as a bastion of correct thought and actions. Decency. Fair mindedness.

    So, did the Brexit vote affect the American election outcome? I obviously cannot prove that's a 'yes', but I think anyone who claims 'no' is being disingenuous. Almost certainly it's a 'yes'. It was certainly a positive outcome for Trump.

    And some on here pointed out the similarities betwixt the two camps loooong before either vote.

    That is why I will not let some folk on here pretend they find Trump unpalatable, when they voted for the exact same ideology over here. They may claim they didn't vote for these things with Breixt, but the truth is writ large in many of their posts.

    Yes, I am sure that a great many of the British population voted 'out' because they were simply hurting after the financial crash, but that does not apply to the u-s on here. I don't recall many - if any - comments about how they've been personally hit by the 'crash', but plenty comments about 'anti-establishment' and 'take back control' and 'sovereignty'. And 'nuts'. And 'electric kettles'. And cabbages.

    And a hell of a lot about immigration - taken straight from the Dacre book of moral teachings.

    I suspect - very very very strongly indeed - that for all their diss'ing and evasion - that most of the u-s on here like what Trump represents and what he is (trying) to do.

    And I say that because the exact same ethos drove them in their Brexit vote.

    AND, just as Trump does NOT represent the ordinary working folk of his country (check out his health care, energy, environment and tax plans for starters...) NEITHER do Farage, Banks, Gove, Redwood IDS etc etc etc represent the w-c on this shore.

    Yeah - they're a bunch of bludy Nazis. (Did I say that out loud... :oops: )
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  17. longboat

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    I've answered the question several times already, Jack.
    Now, just for you I will tell a porky. They never said those things, the grey prince is making it all up, it's fake news.
    How's that?
    Right, now you can make your point.:rolleyes:
  18. I'm a bit surprised you are still contributing to this thread, JJ.

    And enough of the 'ya' already.

    You claim to support the NHS? Well, I believe that you do; it would be incredible if you didn't.

    But you simply cannot square the resulting conundrum that you voted for a Brexit that was campaigned for by a right-wing faction, most of who's main protagonists are pro-privatisation of the NHS, to some degree or other.

    And that the economic damage that will almost certainly be caused to this country if we leave the EU under terms which are worse than our current ones as members (and it almost certainly will be worse) will damage the NHS even further.

    Even a mild exit will very very likely lead to a further decade of austerity. A hard one will, well - I'll leave that to your imagine, because I don't want to think about it.

    So claim all you want about the NHS, JJ, but your actions are going to cause the opposite effect.

    (So it's probably no great surprise that you have back-tracked about how important the NHS actually is for us, since you have now tried to suggest we got on ok before it existed - with the presumed implication that we'll survive if it now goes t***-up as a result of Brexit! That is body-swerve worthy of Trump himself if ever there was one. How the HELL do you expect to be taken seriously with your 'arguments' on here after that beaut?)
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  19. If only you could avoid the porkys and actually answer.

    You understand? Commit to your opinion.

    Forget any porkys or swerving.

    You dont believe it?

    Its fake news?

    Or you just dont know ?
  20. Why do I picture you with a strange orange hue and very dodgy hair?

    And tiny tiny hands.

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