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  1. longboat

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    None of the above.
    I have already told you my opinion on the matter, now please get to the point or quit asking the same question over and over again.
  2. longboat

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    I don't know, why do you picture me with a strange orange hue and very dodgy hair?
    And tiny tiny hands.

    This is going to be hilarious, I just know it.
  3. You can breathe easy again now then.

    I will now stop asking you the same question.

    I don't understand your answer, couched in swerves and non answers. But in fairness that has said more than words alone could.

    Point failed to be made in black and white, I did try to get it out, but its there.

    For the record, I strongly support the nhs, I would hate to see its demise. Even if it is ready for a proper overhaul. And I am prepared to pay a little extra for it. In life, worthwhile things cost money.
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  4. Thank you for the punchline - it just was :)
  5. longboat

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    So your point is that everyone else is to blame for you being an insufferably dullard.

    We got there in the end I suppose.

  6. No, we found out you couldnt answer a simple question..
    And that you are unaware, or deliberatly blind, of what is going on.

    Didn't we!

    Oh and at this point we all expect another juvenile comment to try and move the focus away.

    It is your M O
  7. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    Did you answer my question????

    Didn't think so. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

  8. No, I deliberately didn't get sidelined, I was after a specific reply.

    Now we have got to that point, feel free to tell me what post your question was in and I will see if I will reply, or avoid.
  9. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    No, we didn't.

    I will apologise though as I was unaware that stating the truth was classed as juvenile behaviour these days. Must have missed that one.

    Anywho, what was the 'focus' that you claim I moved away from?
  10. Oh dear, Longs, you are sooo sub-Phail these days :oops:.

    Beyond parody.

  11. Yes, we did. It is patently obvious.

    Stating the truth was the 1 thing you failed to do. You hid your answer, you swerved as much as you could.

    You possibly didnt lie, but you most certainly avoided a true answer.

    The focus? Wow. Now that is a difficult 1 !

    Really ?
  12. joinerjohn1

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    Wow DA, only you (or Jack) could manage to bring Brexit and Trump into a thread about the NHS. Is there no thread you pair won't bring Brexit and Trump into (and blame them both on all the world's ills? )
    As for me asking what we did before the NHS in 1948.. Surely it's a fair question? All of my grandparents were parents before the formation of the NHS , so were likely to have encountered ill children (my dad, mum or my uncles and aunts) and so must have had them treated for some medical condition, so I feel it's reasonable to ask what happened before the NHS. BTW, all of my grandparents lived long lives (my grandfather on my mum's side lived to age 70 before succumbing to pneumoconiosis, form years working as a miner) Grandfather on my dad's side lived till he was 93. So all of them knew what it was like before 1948.
    So DA research time methinks . Let's collaborate on the research. You post the downside of pre NHS UK and I'll counter with the real effects of life in pre NHS UK. Please limit it to only stories or anecdotes on medical conditions and leave social life, working conditions etc , out of it,, Purely medical please.
  13. longboat

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    You should be ok with that little cheer from the sidelines, DA.
    Should give him a little boost.

    (He won't read between the lines and realise that you also don't have a clue what he's on about)....

    Hush hush.;)
  14. longboat

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    You wouldn't be evading the question, would you?
  15. Wow, JJ - getting Trump and Brexit in to this post was peasy.

    (Can't recall me blaming it for all the world's ills, tho'.)

    Anyhoo, 'fir' question or not - it was irrelevant. As well you know. But I understand your reasons for trying...

    Anyhoo, anyhoo - you used the word 'methinks', so time to go.

    Even tho' I love 'rony.
  16. JoT was asking you about...hang on - there's someone at t'door.
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  17. Phil the Paver

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    104 in reply to your reply to longs.
  18. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    Jot, your like a middle eastern man belittling his wife into submission by not excepting the answer until its the answer you want.

    No wait you're just a Remainer ain't you. Enough said. :D:D:D
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  19. joinerjohn1

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    I was on another forum and spotted this little gem.

  20. Didn't post 79 by DA answer it ?

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