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    Hi All

    New to the forum and can't find anything on here to answer my question.

    I've worked for a company as a subi for many years. We have various other Subis coming in carrying out different trades. One guy who Sub contracts as an electrician has been around for years. After talking to him it turns out that he is not NICEIC registered. He has openly told me that he does the installation and testing and someone he does a lot of work with issues the certificate. This other guy (Company) never visits the sites.

    Is this allowed under the NICEIC rules? Surely not.

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    It is allowed under third party certification but whether NICEIC allow their firms to do third party certification is questionable not all the registration schemes do. But what he is doing is effectively what many large firms do with one person registered to do the certification, they are however meant to ensure the installations are correct and properly tested but have so much work to do they never visit sites. The "electricians" doing the actual work may not even be qualified. Have a look at the findings of the Emma Shaw inquest which shows what can happen.

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