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  1. It defies irony.
  2. And the real tragedy is that, if they reduce immigration in to our country, it'll become more concentrated with us indigenous Brits. Yuck.

  3. (That's a joke, JJ et Longs! A JOKE!)

  4. btiw2

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    Petrol contains roughly 30 MJ per litre [1].
    Say you can put 50 litres of fuel in a car in roughly five minutes (300 seconds).
    I'm keeping the numbers easy to get a feel for what we're trying to achieve.

    30 MJ/L x 50L / 300s = 5 MJ/s = 5 megawatts.

    If one petrol station has 10 pumps that means it's distributing roughly 50 MW.
    That's a frightening number.

    Google says a light vehicle fuel dispenser works at 50L/min[3]. If that's right then it makes a single petrol pump a 25 MW delivery system all by itself!

    Change it to ten minutes, or two minutes, or 30 litres or whatever - we're still dealing with megawatts.

    Three or four petrol stations have an power distribution equivalent to a small nuclear power station.

    It doesn't matter how advanced you make the battery technology - hell, use supercapacitors[2] if you want - you still have to get the energy into the storage in a period of time. Physics and maths says that's a LOT of power.

    If you want to "refill" in minutes you have to look at swapping out the batteries (which can then be charged at a slower rate) or have one hell of a responsive electrical grid (4th gen nuclear reactors in every town?[4]).
    Improving efficiency so you don't need that much power is a good start.

    I think Tesla's high voltage superchargers[5] still take over an hour to get you a fraction of the distance a tank of good ol' petrol would take you.

    I'm not saying these obstacles are insurmountable, just that we need to be aware of the scale of the engineering challenge. Challenges that are set by cool, hard numbers.

    You never know though. Perhaps the Brexit repeal bill will also repeal the laws of thermodynamics and we can install wind turbines on our cars instead[6].

  5. fillyboy

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    A friend of mine just got back from visiting his family in Hungary, his parents were born there, he had a great holiday and felt safe at all times.
    En route to Hungary he stopped at a service station in Germany for a few hours sleep, he was woken by people prowling round the car trying the doors, he managed to drive off and didn't stop again until he was 'safely' out of Germany. On the drive home he didn't stop in Germany at all. In fairness to Germans, the people around his car were clearly not indigenous Germans, but that was Germany 3 weeks ago.

    Go on then, name ONE English village, town or city that has experienced MASS sexual assaults on New Years Eve.
  6. btiw2

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    That make me laugh.

  7. Have you ever been to Germany ? I think I know the answer.

    I know loads of people that have never been there and hate it and the people ! :rolleyes:

    1 of my first visits there surprised me. It was Koblenz, outside a bank a virtually new Merc Slk with keys in it, open top car. Didnt get touched, or stolen.
  8. fillyboy

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    Probably left the keys in for a quick getaway.

    Anyway, stop dodging the question, name one English village town or city that has experienced MASS sexual assaults on New Years Eve.
  9. Broon

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    I have to agree it is charging where the major issue comes in.

    I reckon they need to develop some sort of dynamo that reuses the energy being used. Another issue is the good old petrol and diesel engines last as long as your willing to sort them. The battery packs right now are only said to last ten years and cost i believe its in the region of £10,000 possibly more. This is another major issue cause if a the cars will only last max ten years cause no one is forking out £10,000 on a battery pack.

    The next unfortunate thing is what happens during winters and bad weather you need lights, window wipers and of course you'll have your blowers and radio on all eating away it this one and only power source. I have to agree with incentives technology can improve fast look at the way batteries have developed for phones and other items over just the last 5 years. give another 20 we could be there.
  10. fillyboy

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    I thought handy andy came up with a solution to that on another thread.
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  11. You have highlighted 1 issue, I agree. A 1 off, nothing comparable to it anywhere else in the world, or anything equally bad or worse, including Britain?

    Ever spoken to any Germans about that event? Or understood the reason and response?

    Happy to walk through Birmingham on a night out maybe, just you and your wife, or any other town or city you want to pick on? My wife and I happily walk through German, French, Belguim, Dutch, Luxembourg towns and cities, in evenings, with less apprehension than GB.
  12. longboat

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    Scared of Germany?
    We're you scared of Germany before you visited the place?

    They've invested a great deal of money and effort into their industrial sector, making it a world leader. Good for them. They make some outstanding products.

    You obviously don't have a clue as to what I hope brexit delivers.

  13. You are right about not having a clue about what brexit delivers. Nor do you, or the government, or anybody else. Sort of the problem really isnt it?
  14. longboat

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    So, as I said, you don't have a clue about what I hope brexit delivers.

    I'm still scared of Germany, though.
  15. Broon

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    What was his solution? do you remember?
  16. fillyboy

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    I do remember, but it's probably best forgotten if I'm honest.
  17. A few of us on here know exactly what you hope Brexit will deliver.

    Pretty much the same as Trump hoped, and Le Pen, and Gertie babes...
  18. Yeah, I'd probably be a bit apprehensive about Germany too - if there were no EU, and it was the European powerhouse (as likely it would be) and if one of your people was in charge instead of Merkel.

    As it stands, tho', I'm pretty chilled about the Krauts (and I use that term with affection).
  19. btiw2

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    You're scared of Germany?

    Get lost Longs. You're either taking the micky or you're being a big pansy.

    I've visited Germany and Austria[1] loads of times, both for business and family stuff. The scariest thing in Germany is their food ("Let's get a German takeaway" said no-one. Ever.).
    The second scariest thing are their jovial beer halls. If I wanted to be surrounded by fat men in leather trousers I'd move to Essex.

    [1] Austrians claim that they're not German and that Austria is a different country to Germany. I've corrected them many times, but they continue to get this wrong. They're as bad as the Welsh.
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  20. longboat

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    Nar, JoT said I was, so it must be so. I've never been there, you see.

    Have the wimin gotten over their Xyrophobia yet?
    I did find that a bit scary.

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