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  1. Lol!
  2. longboat

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    To me, to you!

    You do have a point, filly.
  3. Filly?

    Filly wouldn't have said that. At least not in 'arry's inimitable style.
  4. Really? Even though its been explained countless times.

    The concerns of leaving are based on likely happenings.

    Any benefits of leaving are based on hope (only)and nothing more.

    Hard or soft brexit anybody ? Was that part of your considered thinking before voting?

    Hard brexit if the tories get a massive win huh ?
  5. Been watching the public's reaction to the early election call, Longs?

    Ok, I know it isn't necessarily representative - I guess the BBC and Ch4 were looking for 'interesting/amusing' reactions rather than genuine insight, I dunno.

    But, from the peeps on the street they asked about this, I recall only one - from both channels - who said anything that was remotely thoughtful and reasoned (he tried to work out why May was calling early). Everyone else was "We have TOO much politics these days!" "Can't be bothered with the effort of another election!" (What effort - 5 minute's walk to a poll booth?) and "They are playing games" and "WHAT?! ANOTHER ELECTION - good gawd..." and such like.

    Longs, did you watch any of the news yesterday - these street conversations? Did you? What did you think? Did you cringe like I did?

    You should have, because these ignorant comments were coming from the same 'reasoning' that voted for your Brexit.

    There's your answer. A good half of the British electorate are truly ignorant of anything to do with politics. And these same people were entrusted with the Brexit vote!


    I still maintain - the vast majority of those who voted Brexit didn't understand what they were doing. It was cynical and shallow instant gratification - a deluded belief that, whatever their current circumstances, they were somehow 'owed' more in life, and that 'grants were the ones taking it from them.

    Wrong and double-wrong.

    And these poor saps were handed these lines by multi-millionaires. Anti-establishment? Lol...
  6. Phil the Paver

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    You do know these reporters only showed the peeps who haven't a clue, a bit like those who went out looking for snowflakes protesting about Trump but not having a clue why they were there, or those marching against Brexit again with out a clue, its all about making news not facts.

    Or is that only applicable when it suits your agender.
  7. longboat

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    Yep, there's cringe worthiness a-plenty at the moment, but I reserve the 'cringe' for people who are actually contributing to the debate in a public sense. The politicians, commentators and the like.
    I don't really give a toss what the average (oh, that's a bit out there / that's a funny one) selected individual has to say. It doesn't matter in the slightest. Some are hilarious though, and yes a bit cringe worthy, I must admit.

    I've always maintained that just as many 'not interested in politics' remain voters would have believed the doom and gloom, and aired on the side of caution.
    But, at the end of the day none of the why's and how's really matter. What's done is done, and leave won.
  8. longboat

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    Are you saying that people who have a 'bob or two' shouldn't be listened to?
    What has money, or lack-of got to do with it?
  9. But these cringe-worthy average folk are your fellow Brexiteers.

    And you diss'd them in public! :eek:

    I'm gonna tell...
  10. Jeepers, Longs, you're hard work tonight :).

    I'm pointing out that all those 'average' working class folk - those who are suffering most, and those who have listened and acted on the lying Leave campaign, part of which was "We, the people, people are going to get our own back against the establishment" were being manipulated by a select number of rich individuals.

    Ie - 'anti-establishment' was the single biggest lie of the lot.

    Arron Banks and Paul Dacre are really anti-estab... :rolleyes:
  11. longboat

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    I don't recall the brexit front men (Farage, Banks, Johnson etc) advocating a purge of those who have wealth, do you?
    How much money do you need to be classed as 'the establishment'?
    If, that's what you base the inclusion on?
  12. You are assuming that Banks and Dacre et al would actually say what it is they really want! Which they wouldn't say, of course, because it's anathema to most people.

    Let's start with privatising the NHS...

    The Daily Mail is a lie. Not just that it tells lies, but that it IS a lie. It pretends to be for the 'people' whilst being run by a right-wing loon who devotes his sad life (he does virtually nothing but run his paper, dawn to dusk) to trying to get this country back to an era that never actually existed.

    You should read about him. He then feeds his minions the populist (oops...) lines that he knows they'll - unthinkingly - respond to.

    It is utterly tragic the deception that's taking place.

    And Banks? Jesus - he's off the scale.

    But these guys ran your Brexit campaign. These guys - and a few others - got their minions to do their bidding for them.

    It's more tragic than mind-control; it's lack-of-mind control.

    I do not put you in the same box, Longs - you have a good (if misguided :)) handle on what you want and why you did it.

    But - I won't say sorry - most of those who voted Leave hadn't a clue. It simply appealed to their most base of instincts - 'me me me & stick it to someone else'.
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  13. Harry Stottle

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    Hey Jack, I would suggest it's the other way round; reasons for leaving are based on likely happenings, concerns for leaving are based on frothy arguments.
    Yes it's been explained using contrived arguments for staying. "Each family will be £4330 worse off" "Income tax will shoot up" President Obama said "we'll go to the back of the queue" etc. The leave voters could see that project fear was tosh.
    Don't you and your remainers want to take back control of our borders? Don't you want to shake off the crippling EU burdens on industry? Don't you want to trade freely with our friends in the Commonwealth that we so cruelly let down? Do you want to be part of a federalist state? Don't you want to be part of a GREAT Britain again? A negotiated exit will be good, but an exit where we walk away will be quite acceptable.
  14. But absoloutely no evidence to support your claims ?

    Pound falling, tariffs etc all support my logic.

    And yours, some evidence not words please?

    And not just hope,but based on evidence or at least expected evidence supported by something
  15. P J Thompson

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    If you live in England, Scotland or Wales you never stopped being part of Great Britain, cos it simply means the biggest of the British Isles.
    I do so laugh when people claim it means Britain is some fantastic thing :D
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  16. Its the rose tinted specs they wear.

    Doesn't just affect vision
  17. Interesting article in various news outlets,including the daily mail so it must have been read by a few usual suspects here.

    Trump and USA appear to be favouring a deal with EU at the UK's expense.

    All this, after Trump supported Brexit.

    Divide and conquer anybody?

    Don't worry, we export so much more than we import we will be ok. Oh, no we don't, thats why the brexit claims are hope based not logic based.
  18. fillyboy

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    Yes I read it on the Reuters news feed, what did the 'Mail' article say?

  19. Idont know, I dont study the mail. Just checked they had the story.

    But reuters reporting that the US might do a deal with EU before we can complete brexit and start proper talks.

    Would be amusing if it wasnt so obvious
  20. Phil the Paver

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    It is interesting indeed this is old news as in over a month old, so why is it suddenly being spread all over like a bad rash, wouldn't have anything to do with the snap election would it. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
    You Remainers are a desperate bunch.

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