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  1. longboat

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    I've just read a few of the articles that you're referring to and to be honest I have never read anything with as much use of the words:

    Come on, Jack. It's a non-story, even 'you' must be able to see past the headlines on this one.
    I do love the bit about, Donald asking Angela, for trade talks with the Germans over ten times before it sunk in that it was the whole EU or nothing. His reply:
    "We'll do a trade deal with europe, then".
    You couldn't make it up.....
    Oh, no, hold on, yes you could.
    Someone did.
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  2. and when you read what verhofstadt says, you think it is a non story?.

    Ok, time will tell

    Also very interesting what he says about Mays election call too.
  3. longboat

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    Why is it interesting?
    Do let us know what he said and why you think it's 'interesting'.
  4. Phil the Paver

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    What would you expect him to say.

    Really Jack try giving us a story that's not obvious.

  5. Im not here to read all the news and translate it for you.

    I am happy to wait for it to hit more of the press and take your comments then :cool:

  6. Its not what I expect him to say or not. It's what he said, what it's about, how accurate and obvious it is too.

    But you think not? Ok, thats what I did expect.
  7. longboat

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    All the news? Stop being silly.
    You've stated that what he said was interesting, I'm asking you why you find it interesting?
    Or are you waiting for a certain individual to cast their opinion before you'll tell us yours?
  8. Only waiting for the comments from you and your side.

    Its fairly simple to find. It's what he said about May's election call.

    Up to you if you want to find it and/or comment on it. It doesn't matter if you do or not.
  9. Phil the Paver

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    Just mentioned it on the news.

    Even the BBC dismissed it, now that's scary, more so then him spouting off in the first place.
  10. longboat

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    Oh, ok.
    So you don't find it interesting then?
    Or maybe not interesting enough to explain what you're on about...
    ..fair do's.

    Another nothingness.

  11. So as usual you are afraid to express an opinion?

    Just want to snipe?

    Yes, it was interesting, very accurate, and exposed another lie of May.

    Now, there you go, you can have a go.

    You do realise you repeatedly have no opinion or are too scared to make 1, until others make theirs known.

    Courage of your convictions?

    Or lack of thought ?
  12. longboat

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    "Accurate and exposed another lie of may"
    That's an improvement on 'interesting'
    Thank you.
    Now, what was the name of the guy, again?
    It was an unpronounceable foreign palaver so I've forgotten.

    A link would be nice.

  13. No link needed.

    It is easily available on virtually every news outlet.

    I think you might have read and are just keeping out of it. His name was supplied in previous post if you wanted it.

    Typical foreigner huh, because he has a name you are not used to? Do you not travel much, speak to many people? Or just Brits in Blackpool or the Spanish equivalent ?
  14. (And, tragically, Longs is going the way of Phil...)
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  15. longboat

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    "Typical foreigner huh".
    I knew you couldn't resist it.

    Right, I trawled back over the thread and found the unpronounceable name of the guy you were on about.
    Googled away and found what he'd said about the election decision.
    And guess what?
    I found it interesting.
  16. longboat

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    I admit, I sometimes feel the urge to goad your lapdog into being a bit less vague.
    Tragically tedious, I know. But someone has to do it.
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  17. The most vague person on here longs, is you.

    Even ptp and jj are brave enough to express themselves.

    I disagree strongly with them, but admire their strength of expression.

    Try it sometime
  18. joinerjohn1

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    Why , thank you JoT,,,,,,,,, but you have to admit you have been extremely vague. I actually thought you were on about the chap (thought he was a F1 driver) ;) mentioning that after Brexit, us Brits couldn't holiday in the EU. Personally I always holiday in Spain or the Greek islands. I have never heard of this mystical country called "The EU " As far as I'm aware, there's not a map maker that has yet put a country called the EU on their maps.

  19. Vague on purpose this time. Deliberately to actually try and get an opinion from longs. Even then, it was hard work and he was unable to make an opinion until he saw 1 to respond to. A reaction, not a thought process, however.

    You cant call me vague on opinions generally because you keep challenging them.

    We dont agree, thats healthy. Id prefer a little deeper thinking, not just headline responses. But yes you are brave enough to post them.

    And as I once heard. Everybody is welcome to an opinion, even if they are wrong. Just a pity those with the loudest opinions are those most often wrong.

    Up to you how you take it of course.

  20. And the holidays.

    Was that all you picked up on?

    Nothing about how it exposes Mays lies etc ?

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