No Building Regs Cert for Gas Boiler - What to do?

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    I had a new conventional condensing boiler installed in my flat in February 2002. Since new, it has had the PCB replaced twice the fan once plus a new electrode lead and it is still going strong. It is rumoured that the freeholder who manages the block of flats is going to be carrying out an audit checking on leaseholders for planning and building regulations compliance.

    I recall the gas engineer that installed my boiler was corgi registered but worked PAYE for a gas installation firm. I have checked the records that the building control officer holds for my property but there is no record of the installation. The engineer that installed it moved out of the area years ago and I am only left with an old address first name and old telephone number. I have checked the Gas Safe register in the old area and the area where he moved to but to no avail.

    Does anyone know what the best way to deal with this is before I get the knock on the door?

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    I had a similar issue recently on my own house sale where a combi went in about 2004.

    I was told that back then it wasnt covered by building regs.

    Told the buyers that and they were happy with the answer.
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  3. Boilers did not need to be registered until 2005,before that they only needed to be fitted by a corgi registered Plumber.
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    Good to get a date on that.

    Mine went in just before the change.
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    Can the OP get details of install from what was CORGI?
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    Thanks Guys.

    Thanks for your help goldenboy, good suggestion. I found Corgi Services

    and this on there:

    Before April 2005

    The legislation was not in place prior to 2005 so there was no legal requirement

    So confirms what Deleted member 11267 said above (thanks mate).

    I'll try them although I am not too bothered if the freeholders want to make an issue of it. As it was installed well before the cut off date I am sure the serial number will give a date of manufacture to dispell any doubt. The boiler was a very popular Potterton Suprema 30L model installed in flats and small houses at the time. I doubt whether any inspector would expect it to have sat on a shelf for three years.
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    is it cos i dysleexic

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