No GlowWorm 30CXi hot water

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Satan's Counsel, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. It's approaching Xmas, and two things are certain to happen.

    The other is that my GlowWorm stops providing hot water.

    Symptom: nothing happens. At all.

    CH on, and the CH comes on as before.

    Turn on hot tap and nothing. Ziltch. Display remains unchanged. No noises. No clicks. No whirrs.


    Where do I start? :)

    Ta muchly.
  2. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    flow switch :)
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  3. Thanks Sean.

    Part on order.

    (I'd tried giving it a 'clunk' with a screwdriver whilst the heating was on - 'click', and I was able to have a shower...)

    Problem almost certainly down to me having left 2 doses of X800 in the system for a few months... :confused:. Magnaclean was slimy...
  4. kiaora

    kiaora Guest

    hi satan
    flow switch is not in primary water? it from the mains! i not sure you would have put X800 in your mains water... just my little joke ;)
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  5. D'oh! Of course!:oops:

    Ah well, looks like it just decided it was time to go.

  6. Well, parts received and fitted. Very straight-forward - tho' small hands would have been good...

    The new flow sensor is 'upside down' compared to the original, so has a fly-lead coming from it rather than a built-in socket. The fly-lead end has a socket so just connects into the old plug.

    (No mention of this in the instructions that came with it... It just became obvious when I tried a test-fit of the flow sensor into the filter housing block before actually putting them back into the boiler; the flow switch would not go all the way into the 'filter housing' part because of two sticky-out tabs on the housing. Then I tried it upside-down. If I had gone ahead and fitted the flow switch into the boiler first with the wires coming out the top, I'd have been swearing very loudly when then trying to push the filter housing on to it afterwards...)

    Cost? £55. Not bad, eh?

    Oh - that included a complete diverter valve assembly and a filling tap! (Parts for the future.)

    Now, whilst I had the filter housing in my lap, I thought - I should clean that oot.

    What did I find inside? A lot of gunk? Nope.

    This: [​IMG]

    I took the filter out and it just crumbled in my fingers. And bits were already missing...

    Last edited: Nov 8, 2013
  7. £17 for a new carp filter?!!!

    You have got to be kidding...
  8. Wreckingcrewe

    Wreckingcrewe New Member

    Hi, I've had the same problem but with my 24cxi. Did the flow sensor and filter change fix the hot water?
    I've changed diverter valve and diverter motorised head. And thermistor. I've just take the filter out when checking the flow sensor and it looks like your picture, broken. I was gona give up and get new boiler until I saw this thread. Anyway, did it work?? Thanks
  9. Shame you didn't read this thread before changing your diverter :rolleyes:

    Yep, flow switch fixed it 100%.
  10. Wreckingcrewe

    Wreckingcrewe New Member

    Yeah I know, gutted.. Well I've kinda serviced my boiler by putting some new parts on haha. Ill order the flow switch today. Cheers
  11. :)

    If, when it arrives, it's the 'new' type with a fly-lead coming from it rather than an electrical connection built-in, then read carefully my comments above^^^^^

    I guess you'll be fully removing the water-filter housing anyway to gain access to the flow switch, so try test-assembling these two bits so's you are absolutely certain which way up the flow switch goes before then fitting the flow switch to the exchanger.

    Do you have any silicone grease? I guess all the new 'O'-rings come pre-lubed, but it always helps to smoothen the assembly process and guard against potential damage with an extra smear.

    Every home should have a wee pot :rolleyes:.
  12. Wreckingcrewe

    Wreckingcrewe New Member

    Yeah I've looked on the system and it is the new black one with cable. I seen your comments about test-fitting, which is really handy thanks.
    I've ordered both parts and will come 2mra. Got some Regin silicone grease ready. Thanks again. Big help.
    I was gona replace the pressure sensor aswel or is that just wasting time and money?
  13. If it ain't broke, don't fix it :).

    The only exceptions I can think of to this is if the part is tricky to reach and it just makes sense to do it at the same time as another job. Or if they are known to fail after a certain number of years anyway.
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  14. Wreckingcrewe

    Wreckingcrewe New Member

    Yeah your right mate thanks. Don't fix it, if its not broken haha. Thanks, you've been a great help.
  15. Very welcome :)

    (SF - I badly need a lurv smiley...)
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  16. Wreckingcrewe

    Wreckingcrewe New Member

    What's (sf) mean?
  17. SF = Screwfix, our hosts :)
  18. Wreckingcrewe

    Wreckingcrewe New Member

    HOT WATER is back on. I've fitted it and its working 100%. Your right small hands would of helped. Did a test-fit, and could see how someone would of put it on wrong at first. But it's working now, saved me ££££s.
    All the best for the new year
  19. Excellent result, Wrecking - very pleased.

    In fact, this would be a perfect thread if not for one small detail.

    It's "...small hands would have helped...someone would have put..." and not 'of' x 2 :p.

    I bet you don't love me any more... :oops:
  20. Wreckingcrewe

    Wreckingcrewe New Member

    Thanks for the English lesson haha

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