No heat to rads below combi

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by FatHands, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. FatHands

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    Evening all,

    I drained the system down to swop over a leaky stop valve on a rad, pressures it back up and then started bleeding at the rad furthest from the boiler first. Thinking about it logically perhaps I should have started on the two rads which are lower than the combi?

    The weird thing is there doesn't appear to be any air in them (I've let a lot of water flow out of them both and it's a clear flow with no sign of air).
    It's the whole flow and return from the tee off that is cold and not just the rads.

    All the other rads are perfect.
    Tomorrow I planned to drain down again, and start filling the lowest rads first.

    Is this the best thing to do?

    Thanks as always,

  2. joinerjohn1

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    Try turning off all the other rads completely, before draining it down, Fats. could be one of the pipes airlocked and turning the rest off might just shove the airlock round to a rad higher up. Turning them back on when the lower ones are working again, will let the air go into these where they can be bled again. ;);)
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  3. FatHands

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    spot on! did exactly as you said and its perfect now.
    thanks jj :)
  4. joinerjohn1

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    Glad it worked Fats. ;););)
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  5. FatHands

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    cheers mate :)

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