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Discussion in 'Screwfix' started by -maniax-, May 12, 2020.

  1. -maniax-

    -maniax- New Member

    Does anyone know the general turn round for Click & Collect orders at the moment?

    I placed an order on 30/04/20, received an automated order confirmation email shortly after and then....nothing

    The order status changed from processing to fulfilled on 04/05/20 but I didn't receive any notification (email\text) about it being ready to pickup

    I used the "Contact Us" form on 06/05/20 (The website says to allow 3 working days before chasing, I used the form on the 4th working day). I recieved an automated acknowledgement email for the form but then....silence

    So here I am nearly 2 weeks after placing the order still waiting to be told I can go and collect the items, good job the parts weren't needed for an emergency
  2. -maniax-

    -maniax- New Member

    I finally got a reply from customer services this morning telling me the store "cannot seem to locate the order" and asking me to confirm if it has been collected

    I replied telling them that it hadn't been collected so hopefully they'll be back in contact soon to let me know the goods "have been found" and I can go collect them although as it's now the weekend I'm guessing there won't be any news before Monday at the earliest
  3. -maniax-

    -maniax- New Member

    Day 19 and still no contact from Screwfix nor any addition replies from customer services so I decided to just chance it and wander into the store and what do you know, there was my order waiting for me, no fuss no questions about the length of time since the order.

    The person on the counter didn't know if the order she found for me was the original order that CS said the store couldn't find or if it was a replacement order but I don't care, got the goods and have already used them

    If anyone else is waiting for notification that an order is ready to collect after, say 10+ days, I'd suggest just going to the store, it seems the order processing and notification sytems are not talking to each other at the moment, at least not consistently

    Footnote : I don't know how busy the stores have been since lockdown but I turned up at just gone 15:00 and was dealt with immediately, no queues, no other customers, in, collect, out, all in less than 5 minutes
  4. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    My store was 20 mins 2 days ago. Ordered about 7.45am and 8.05am got text as ready to collect
    Wickes on the other hand. Gee! Get your real Christmas trees ordered now

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