No ventilation in attic, what can I do?

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] 1901 terraced house, imitation cement tiles, with no felt underlay (homebuyers report said typical of time installed, roof appears well insulted and in fair condition).

    Im currently trying to board out the attic for a bit of storage, and the humidity up there is always over 90% with ‘sweat’ on the underside of the tiles whenever I'm up there i.e there is no air movement like there should be.There are no vents in the tiles like my neighbours have.

    I know that these roofs depend on ventilation from the eaves, and looking at them, front eaves seem to be blocked by the guttering / soffit from the outside, whilst the rear guttering I can see a crack of daylight under the farthest tile along the roofline.

    The eaves are definitely not blocked by insulation as there is a 10cm gap on both sides.

    What is the best way to increase ventilation here? I’ve considered adding an air brick to the chimney breast, but I’ve read on here that wont help. Would something like a velux window or vent tile help?
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    With no felt in place, 10cm gaps on the eaves and the type of house you have, I would say its very unlikely you dont have enough ventlation.

    To create that amount of condensation (if it is condensation) would take a fair amount of warm moist air. THe only way you can get warm air in your attic is if the ceilings arent very well insulated and even then the air has to be picking up moisture from somewhere.

    Could rain be driving through the tiles, causing the wet side, which I'll guess faces south or west ish? Then possibly wetting the insulation which then causes the condensation?

    You best bet is to take a look up there in some rainy, windy weather to see what is happening.

    If youre using it for storage I wold certainly install a velux as they give a nice light room and are relatively easy and cheap to fit from the inside without access to the roof externally.
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