Noise and the electric car.

Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by MGW, May 24, 2022.

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    Weekend on car park duties at local heritage railway, I was sitting with back to cars coming out, and many even not electric all I could hear was the gravel under the tyres to alert me to remove the bollard, but the problem was other road transport, could hear the gravel when no other cars making a noise, but where motor cycles and sports cars which seem to have little or no silencers roared up the road, I could not hear cars in the car park.

    So for safety either electric need to make a noise, or other cars need to be made to produce less noise. The 143 year old railway engine even blowing its whistle was making less noise to the modern tractor going up the road.
  2. quasar9

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    This has not been forgotten by the manufacturers ! The only debate is what sort of noise should they make. The Japanese and the Koreans like childish tunes played on likes of xylophone or piano while Germans would like a more industrial sounds. I would not mind a bit of Kraftwerk, industrial and musical !

    as usual our legislators are behind times and perhaps would like to opt for loud snoring !
  3. MRY

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    They should be made with spoked wheels. Then people could attach bits of cardboard to the bodywork, using clothes-pegs to rub on the spokes.

    I dislike the idea of them using "music", it's bad enough with people's car radios going.
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  4. Ind spark

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    Like this

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  5. quasar9

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    The Japanese idea stems from electric robots already in wide use across the world. Most, float along with childish music and flashing lights.

    it will be gentle music not thrash metal ! However enviroMENTALists may not agree with anything that wastes energy ! As they generate the most noise, perhaps loudspeakers broadcasting their incantations may be permitted :D
  6. MGW

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    Where I once worked the alarms played nursery rhyme music so we could identify which alarm was sounding, that is true for cars, we want a sound which is identified as a car, not some one with a boom box, had problem with reversing beepers in the same way beep, beep, beep works, even white noise, but a voice saying beware I am reversing or byddwch yn ofalus fy mod yn bacio is only any good if you speak English or Welsh I nearly walked behind a vehicle saying something like cuidado estoy dando marcha atrás when in Spain, I simply did not recognise the sound.

    So clearly not playing any music, or voice, maybe recording of an engine noise, better if linked to road speed, where I work they are required to whistle before they start to move.
  7. Sparkielev

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    Ah Kraftwerk "she's a model and she's looking good "
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  8. Sparkielev

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    How about winding down the window and shouting get out of the #$%&ing way
    This applys to BMW drivers and vans with dirty roofs only
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  9. MRY

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    I have shouted that before, but from a motorbike.


    There are electric motorbikes now as well.
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  10. Bazza-spark

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  11. MGW

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    Oh I remember on a tandem my son shouting stop peddling, and I shouted run them over, never seen J walkers return to walk way as quick. OK it was all in fun in Blackpool, but yes shouting does work.
  12. MGW

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    I don't know how much noise is the exhaust on farm tractors and how much the engine, lack of any sound deadening material around the engine compartment means they are quite noisy, but not really from the exhaust, even the drive train is noisy.
  13. Bazza-spark

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    I suspect the artcle is referring to boy racers and the like, not agricultural vehicles.
  14. quasar9

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    Great choice !
    But other titles from Kraftwerk apply quite well too !

    We are the robots - for self driving electric teslas.
    Autobahn - for the day when they have sufficient range for a 1k mile trip.
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  15. Sparkielev

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    That's only song I know them
  16. MGW

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    I like the idea of electric, but there seems to be many unsolved problems.
    1) Lost of PEN detection.
    2) Binding some RCD's with DC.
    3) Trip hazard for charging cables.
    4) Charging near to where your live or stay.
    5) Sound.
    I see problems where I live already due to on road parking, and parking on the walkway, without looking at electric, although people can turn a blind eye to people breaking the rules by driving on the walkway, one can hardly allow anyone to install a charge point where a car should not be parked to start with.

    Going to guest house, hotel etc, it is really essential to have a charging bay, I went to this DSC_5703_1.jpg hotel clearly rather large, there was one 7 kW charge point. It was a overnight 150 mile drive for me, using a diesel car filled up before I left most of the trip no where near a recharging point, to have used an electric it would mean an extra day to get there, so as it stands electric is a non starter, local OK, but local I can use a bus, the important trips are the long trips, which without a car will take over a day.

    Since bus trips within Wales are free, due to my age, short trips don't need a car. What we need is trains like the one going through the channel tunnel so long trips we can take car on the train, then would not need the range in the car. Which could be recharged while travelling on the train.
  17. Hausfix

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    I’m happy to report that electric cars do in fact make a sound for this precise reason. My Polestar 2 electric car creates a sound played through speakers when moving to warn pedestrians, whilst it’s a rather unusual noise, it’s designed to cut through other background noise without being too loud.
  18. MRY

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  19. sparky steve

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    Not sure if giving the EVs an artificial noise would actually benefit those in society who walk around with earbuds blasting music into their ears, while preoccupied with their mobile phones;):D
  20. quasar9

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    I remember this being used in some Vietnam era war movie, where a gung ho helicopter pilot plays on loudspeakers, this while strafing people below with (I think) the quote “I like the smell of napalm in the morning”.

    But in these modern times, we have the strange issue of wanting people to move away from your vehicle for their own good but at the same time we cannot be seen to be intimidating, threatening, bullying etc! After all the latest motoring law enacted in 2022 says the vehicle most capable of harm is automatically culpable!

    so back to nursery rhymes, but then again some may not be PC

    in any case, there is no need as the way speed limits are going , the man walking ahead with the red flag will soon be with us ! Naturally he/she will be able to exercise their right to free speech , so some good old profanities might just do the trick ……. As long as it’s non intimidating, threatening bullying etc etc :Do_O:mad:

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