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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Skyblue87, Nov 20, 2023.

  1. Skyblue87

    Skyblue87 New Member

    I am a Building novice and would really like some advice on some new windows I had fitted to my late 1800's property by a local installer. The reasoning for the replacement were that the windows were at least 30 years old and defo at end of lifespan. I also wanted a reduction in noise from the front of our house due to the busy road outside, which are large bay windows. Since the replacement i have continued to have noise issues in terms of traffic, etc. Its a busy residential road but not a main road/carrigeway, etc.

    The original windows would of been sash wooden windows same as neighbouring properties for the age of the propety, the ones taken out were UPVC fitted early 80's according to the seller when we moved in.

    I had a quote from the local installer to replace my old UPVC windows in November 2021. At the time I noted the road noise issue and what could be done frame wise to reduce this a lot/get rid completely and also for heat loss reduction. It was suggested to me to have triple glazed windows, which sounded a good idea. The quote come through not long afterwards - two prices depending if I just wanted usual double glazed, and then triple glazed, which was a difference just over 1k, then also if I wanted a colouring it was more, so just plumped for usual white. Wooden was noted to be about 20-30% more, and didn't have the budget for these.

    I decided to go for the triple glazed option Spring 2022, and the fitting then took place in late summer 2022.

    When the windows arrived and started to be installed by the company, they appeared to be just double glazed units. I'm not a window expert, but even I could tell this. The fitters confirmed they were double glazed units, which I said was incorrect they should be triple glazed. I asked how this would be sorted - they confirmed they would fit the new windows as usual with the double glazing, and after a discussion with the office (and agreement it should have been triple glazed) - confirmed they would order the new glazing and then revisit the property to fit the new glazing units when they arrived.

    This was done in a few weeks and all seemed good. However I noted there was still a lot of noise coming into the front of the house despite the new frames. Also, there felt to be air gap in the bedroom bay window frame, as could clearly hear the noise coming through. The manager come in late Autumn 2022, agreed about the bay and noted it was likely just needed sealed correctly when they replaced the units, and was sorted. For the overall noise, he suggested 50mm installation board in the wall between the windows (as per the attached picture, it looks to be not solid brick wall but a form of coving. It was confirmed they could source someone to do this, which sounded ok and they would contact me.

    Time progressed and I haven't heard from the fitters since albeit I have been a bit slack myself (family bereavements) so not progressed it. The company are still trading with no issues. My partner has recently shown me photos which she took at the time of the front of the house between the two days the windows were fitted, which I wasn't aware of at the time until now! I note that there appears to be large gaps between the frame and the wall and either filled with expansion foam or not at all (more in the upstairs windows compared to the downstairs frames), and they just had the coverings put over the top to conceal it/trim when they were finished.

    I wonder now if there is actually something more serious here and the windows haven't been either measured properly and/or fitted correctly at all for the front of the house?! For the rest of the property the fitting appears to be ok, albeit a couple of the windows feel slightly 'rubbing'(?) when you open them ajar, but for the back of the house.

    I would be grateful of some advice as to what to do next and whether there is something for the firm to rectify as feel they haven't delivered what they promised and the photos look like something isn't right. Some photo's attached (the cats modelling the inside of the main bedroom for assistance!)

    Many thanks in advance!

    IMG_20211219_090729.jpg IMG_20220526_090001.jpg IMG_20220526_090006.jpg IMG_20220526_090008.jpg IMG_20220526_090013.jpg IMG_20220526_090016.jpg IMG_20220526_090022.jpg IMG_20220526_090023.jpg IMG_20220526_090025.jpg IMG_20220526_090028.jpg IMG_20220526_090031.jpg IMG_20220526_090112.jpg IMG_20220526_090134.jpg IMG_20220526_090157.jpg IMG_20220526_090211.jpg IMG_20220526_104958.jpg IMG_20220526_105010.jpg IMG_20220526_105012.jpg IMG_20220526_105027.jpg
  2. Alan22

    Alan22 Super Member

    I don't want to overstate the obvious but is there a reason why they are not sealed?
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  3. Skyblue87

    Skyblue87 New Member

    does that mean around the units? The photos were taken at the end of the first day. On the 2nd day I think they just put the finishing around the the frames to cover the gaps/foam if that's what you mean?
  4. RegB

    RegB Active Member

    What does it look like now? Air leaks are also noise leaks. It may be that the older windows had thicker glazing units than the new (or secondary glazing), which makes a big difference too.
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  5. Alan22

    Alan22 Super Member

    Yes, the gaps should be foam filled and sealed, is this the finished job?
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  6. Skyblue87

    Skyblue87 New Member

    the old units were worse the noise was terrible
  7. Skyblue87

    Skyblue87 New Member

    I can get a couple of photos in the light tomorrow morning and post them up.
  8. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    Sadly you’re always going to have a amount of noise seep through the bays being as you have a solid wall property, with (no offence) relatively cheap and thin profile upvc windows occupying just the aperture space and with large voids to the sides of each segment of the bay.
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  9. Skyblue87

    Skyblue87 New Member

    what would be the best way to rectify this though?
  10. Skyblue87

    Skyblue87 New Member

    here are some pictures showing the 'afters' once the works were completed. IMG_20231121_133716.jpg IMG_20231121_133729.jpg IMG_20231121_133745.jpg IMG_20231121_133758.jpg IMG_20231121_133814.jpg
  11. Alan22

    Alan22 Super Member

    Looks nice, as far as sound goes there could be an issue with the foam filling, I'm personally not a fan of gaps, but there is also the acoustic and thermal range of the windows, do you have a data sheet? those look like hollow UPVC frames.
  12. Skyblue87

    Skyblue87 New Member

    Hi Checked all the paperwork no mention of a data sheet it just says - triple glazed, toughened glass, all glass to be a soft coat low 'E'
    that's all I have
  13. Alan22

    Alan22 Super Member

    Have you/they adjusted all the hinges to make sure everything is sealed? one of the adjustments is pulling the window frame into the main frame, if that is out a bit you will get a breeze along that seal and a bit more noise.

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