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    Hi, I hope somebody may be able to help

    Brit Gas installed a new valiant boiler recently along with a new grundfos alpha 2 pump

    The boiler is fine, however each morning (you could set your watch by it) after almost an hour of the central heating being on the pump becomes very noisy. Seems to be air getting into the pump as it starts on around 21 W when the noise is pretty much silent (speed setting 2) and then drops down to about 16 when it starts. Hard to describe it it sounds like a sort of whooshing noise - the upstairs rads become noisy then too. This remains the case until the heating stops.

    It can do it throughout the day too, and also the same when just hot water on. But it's harder to predict when it's going to happen.

    Brit Gas engineers have come out countless times (sometimes when it won't make the noise!) And have tried lots of things. The last being a change of pipework in the airing cupboard next to the pump to combine the cold feed and vent pipe and also install an air vent. However this has made no difference. Boiler temperature seems fine and they have also tried swapping to a new pump but no change.

    They seem to have ran out of ideas. So hoping somebody here may have a suggestion?

    Any help appreciated


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