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    Hi all!
    I've not posted on this before but I feel like i need as much info as i can gather right now! My apoligies for the length but it's all necessary to provide context (hopefully!)
    So - 6 months ago we had a wood burning stove and twin wall flue installed in our home by a registered HETAS installer and from the get go it was an absolute nightmare! the flashing was poor, it didn't meet fire or building regs and after much disputing with the installer himself, he completely abandoned us. We contacted HETAS who then started a complaints procedure with us but it meant we had to invite the original installer back to fix it. we argued this, partly because he had already, multiple times, just made the most incredible mess, and secondly because he had become agressive and had told us to F-off and returned all our money. A win for us, but disapointingly, HETAS then couldn't take the complain further.
    So we opted for another intaller to come and fix it all.
    At the time, it wasn't structurally sound - the flashing leaked into the bedroom constantly, the flue wasn't actually attached to the stove, but there was also no wall or roof supports through the entire system. we also just had a weathering cap. We had a huge amount of noise and wind turbulance; this was blowing down into the main stove chamber but the problem areas were the bedroom where the flue travelled through. there was so much vibrating, wind blowing down the flue and rumbling. we had everything fixed to comply with building and hetas regs, an anti down draught cowl fitted and thought that would be the end of it.
    2 months on we are just beside ourselves. Although the stove itself functions well - we are completely overwhelmed with noise. Again, extreme noise of wind blowing into the chamber but our problem area is really the bedroom. in wind anything over 25mph we get an extremely exageratted "blowing over the top of a milk bottle" noise, and a noise that we can only describe as wind shooting down the flue. We also had a really loud rumbling noise. we still have a slight draught coming into the bedroom from where the the flue exists the building. We purchased and put a Flue Cube on - no avail to noise, although i have to say, it's helped with a constant flame rather than it just raging in higher wind. But the noise is just as bad.
    We live in a block and interesting, our neighbour has just had a stove fitted in exactly the same position, which means it is just as exposed but only a few meters over on the roof. He gets absolutely none of our issues and his house is scerene and quiet in wind! and he only has a weathering cap. Confirming that there is something quite radically wrong with ours.
    Our flue is twin wall Dura Flue 6" and his is Convesa 5". On looking at his, it certainly feels more substantial - ours has a plastickly feel to it. His flue connencting seem to be better, ours uses a clip system. We both have 4.5KW stoves - ours is a Danburn Samso - his is a Morso 1446.
    We've called his installer and are waiting for him to come and take a look but I really want to get some other opinions as im nervous about what to do next.
    Could it be that our flue system is just a bit cheap and nasty? we live in north devon and are very exposed to prevailing winds.
    I would really appreciate any advice anyone has - even if it's just things i should be asking the engineer who fitted my neighbours. If im going to replace it - im gonna be a couple of grand of out pocket so i want to make sure im doing the right thing!!
    Thank you in advance!
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    Any chance could you put a couple of photos of the flue from outside showing roof etc and maybe photo of flue pipe close up?
    Might be of use to us
  3. KPet

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    Yes I’ve tried too but it shows an error message when uploading jpegs. Will try for my laptop tonight
  4. KPet

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    here are some images of the flue - im aware it needs to boxed in - we've taken the boxing down to try and figure out whats going on. The photos are tricky to get as they are not at eye level, but hopefully these help.

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