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  1. I'm converting a van into a camper and most of the interior has been made successfully with 9mm/12mm hardwood ply.

    Problem is the cupboard doors have all warped.

    Can anyone suggest an alternative material to make them with?

    All the laminated furniture boards available tend to be too thick unfortunately.

    Would top quality marine ply be less prone to warping than the usual hardwood stuff from DIY places?
  2. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    Block board maybe. That don't bend but not easy to source
  3. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    Laminate flooring secured in a timber frame or similar arrangement.
    Aluminium sheet, galvanised steel sheet, Perspex.
  4. Mr Rusty

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  5. Astramax

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    Toughened glass, endless ideas.:D
  6. Isitreally

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  7. DIY womble

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    If you sealed the ply it would be OK , he said confidently , not actually having tried it
  8. Astramax

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    Knowing the carp wood around today it would probably warp as the sealer dries! :rolleyes:
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  9. goldenboy

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    Use a top grade ply.

    The more ply layers the better.

    And if you laminate it up with sheet laminate you must do the backs as well as a balance.
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  10. goldenboy

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    Put some pics of the warped doors up if you can.
  11. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    my thoughts
    you need it to be as light and as strong as possible and fairly moisture and wet compatible
    this tends to exclude mdf as very heavy and not coping well with moisture
    in general campers and caravans will tend to be 3mm ply with say 18x18mm lips and struts for strength
    my approach would be 5.5mm ply and 2x1" [21x43mm ] planed timber for carcasses
    doors would work well with 2x1" door frames rebated or grooved for 5.5mm ply panels that could look like ply panels as shaker style doors
    you can also rebate in the back off the door frames for 7-9mm txg planks
    i have perhaps made 2 or 3 thousand panels or doors from this method over the years and perhaps less than 5% you get a problem from movement so need a new door

    just to add i have worked on about 10 campers but about 98pecent off my work in this respect is country style furniture for the home which converts well to campers for doors as far lighter components compared to mdf or chipboard on the lightweight carcase as i suggested above
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  12. Cheers for the replies.

    Unfortunately framed style doors wouldn't work in my case.

    My local timber supplier do blockboard but unfortunately only in 18mm which is too thick.

    I've gone down the route of a 12mm sheet of marine ply, the local suppliers have a reputation for quality and arevery careful with storage so on first inspection it's near perfectly flat.

    I'm just a bit worried now that as soon as I apply the primer to one side it's going to bend!

    What's the best way to seal it and prevent this?
  13. chippie244

    chippie244 Well-Known Member

    You need to paint both sides or it will warp.

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