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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Phil the Paver, Dec 19, 2016.

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    R.I.P to the 9 and wish a full recovery to all injured.
    Sky news has said they have the truck driver arrested.

    What is more scary, is the possibility of multiple more attacks following this one, much like France experienced.
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    R.I.P To the 9.

    Each time there is a European attack, I think to myself, how much longer before something similar happens here.
    I'm not not being evil, & hope it never happen here, but I'm surprised we haven't had similar attack here yet.
    When we had the Christmas market here in Bath, I couldn't help but look over my shoulder, & be a bit more on edge.
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  5. FatHands

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    very sad. Not sure when you looked at the article but at the footer its saying police believe it was deliberate
  6. KIAB

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    Of course it was deliberate, don't take a fool to work that one out.
  7. FatHands

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    it certainly does. i guess they have to rule out ****** driver and other stuff first
  8. Phil the Paver

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    I posted it because its an act of terrorism again.

    2016-12-19 21.46.32.jpg
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  9. I posted it because its an act of terrorism again.

    It is, but i would prefer it to be called murder and attempted murder.
    Terrorism gives it some support in the wrong eyes.

    Terrorism implies somebody is fighting for a cause (whether we like it or not), murder is murder !

    RIP to all those killed, and hope the wounded recover.

    I have been to that very market, sobering thought
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  10. Phil the Paver

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    The official line will be terrorism.
    Terrorism normally = Murder, so if its all the same I'll stick to terrorism.
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  11. DIYDave.

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    Patchy news reports at the moment and as usual conflicting reports. Did read the haulage firm lost contact with the driver some time in afternoon so possibly lorry was hijacked

    Obviously all deaths and injuries are tragic and a total disgrace but a lorry that size, dread to think but could have been so many more

    Problem is, how do you stop this happening again and again. Terrorism very difficult to predict and guess the next move, even with all the intelegence that goes on behind the scenes. Many attacks around the world are stopped before they are fully realised but I fear that you can't stop them all and never will be able to

    Sad times indeed
  12. sospan

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    We are incredibly vulnerable to any act of terrorism in the UK. We have a shockingly low method of tracking people coming in and out of the country and indeed movements within the UK. Whilst it is difficult to draw a direct link between immigration and terrorism pure statics indicate that of the 330,000 net migration to the UK amongst them will be a percentage of criminals and potential terrorists and active terrorists.

    The investigatory powers act which passed recently into law will help track people and their activities but we don't have the resources to monitor everything.
  13. darryle

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    It was really a sad news. No one can predict what will be the next move of terrorist but what makes me more sad is despite of the security of our government. Seems not enough.
  14. It is terrorism - it is designed to instil 'terror', way beyond the seriousness of the actual act.

    And it's very successful - even our brave KIAB felt 'on edge' when visiting that bastion of evil, Bath.

    And they are fighting for a 'cause', however warped. (The 'R' word...)

    It is hellish indeed.

    Mind you, in London alone around 25 motorcyclists are killed each year. And around 125 road deaths in total. And about 2,000 serious injuries on the roads of our capital.

    Across the country, it's around one thousand seven hundred road deaths per annum, and well over twenty thousand serious injuries.

    I wonder why the fear of terrorism is so much worse than that of crossing a road? But I know that it is. :oops:
  15. KIAB

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    I see nigel Farage has hit the nail on the head with his comment on Twitter this morning, so very true.

    Nigel Farage "Terrible news from Berlin but no surprise. Events like these will be the Merkel legacy."

    And the suspect is 23-year-old from Pakistan identified as Naved B who arrived in Germany a year ago, there many others who arrived here as immigrants are waiting to attack.:(
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  16. DIYDave.

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    [QUOTE="Devil's Advocate, post: 1470548, member: 33931"

    Mind you, in London alone around 25 motorcyclists are killed each year. And around 125 road deaths in total. And about 2,000 serious injuries on the roads of our capital.

    Across the country, it's around one thousand seven hundred road deaths per annum, and well over twenty thousand serious injuries.

    I wonder why the fear of terrorism is so much worse than that of crossing a road? But I know that it is. :oops:[/QUOTE]

    Can't actually be bothered to enter into a long running debate and not got the time either but DA, what a pathetic attempt at a comparison between road deaths and a clear act of terrorism. Not gonna waste my time but it's got my hackles up for sure
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  17. philthespark

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    A lot of people sadly see things yet do nothing, a few years ago we were holidaying in the lake district, unusually there were a lot of Muslim males floating about and they seemed to be taking photo's of places where large groups of people congregated.There had been quite a few comments from the locals about how unusual this was but nobody had done anything, I was speaking to the postmistress, who I knew as we visited the area fairly frequently and she expressed her concerns, I said I'd deal with it the following day when I returned home. I rang Special Branch and informed them about my concerns, the guy I spoke too was brilliant and said that as they had a man in that area, he'd ask him to look at it, a couple of weeks later it was on the news that, "following a call from a concerned member of the public, we uncovered a terrorist training camp", If you have any suspicions or concerns whatsoever, please give them a call, there's an Anti Terrorist Hotline number online,you never know it could be one of your family that you save from getting hurt.
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    Funny you say that Phil, here in Bath had two young Muslim men taking photo's of railway station, bus station,guild hall, in fact I seen them in several other locations around the city during the morning taking photo's, & local plod wasn't even intrested.
  19. It's a shame you aren't going to enter in to a discussion, Dave.

    Let me explain further - both sets of deaths are equally tragic for the people and families involved. One cause of these casualties takes a much greater toll than the other, but only one (the other one...) has people wringing their hands and show willing to alter the course of western democracy as a response.

    Which is EXACTLY what this lorry driver is trying to do. Especially when Farage has immediately and predictably opened his giant gob in response.

    No way on this planet do I make light of this situation, Dave. You should know by now my utter derision towards irrational behaviour and organised religion and the reasons why.

    This hellish and tragic incident was caused by ONE hate-filled person. And you can bet it'll alter - certainly affect - the outcome of the forthcoming German elections, where Merkel - one of the most truly and genuinely decent and honourable politicians of our age - may get ousted.

    Which is EXACTLY what these terrorists want. And will get because of the sentiments demonstrated by some people on here.

    How many immigrants have come into Germany in the last year alone? Around 300,000?

    That's three hundred thousand individuals. How many have caused problems and how many are thoroughly decent people?

    Don't lose sight that this was done by ONE person, and one who could just have easily have lived in that country for decades.

    What went through the minds of these 300,000 people as they finally crossed the border into Germany? Some on here (I could even name them...:rolleyes:) like to imagine it's "Ha! Bludy FOOLS! Now to gorge myself on the state handouts and set up my islamic caliphate..."

    I suspect pretty strongly that the vast vast vast overwhelming majority thought "I cannot believe me and my family have been given this wonderful opportunity after the hell we've been through. Truly the West is the land of hope and freedom. I will make a good life here, and will take every opportunity to demonstrate my thanks to these welcoming people..."

    Who do you think hates that lorry driver even more than you and I? Their fellow refugees.
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  20. Wow! A public-minded citizen, Phil :)

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