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  1. DA should have a read about the Muslim slaughter of Hindus.
  2. Mr. Handyandy

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    I have formed a judgement(opinion).

    That is that a fight has once again been caused by a non-believer.
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    The thing about these terrorist atrocities though,,. Here's what normally happens for most people.
    1 Post on Facebook about how sad it is.
    2 Change your profile picture to include a countries flag.
    3 Light a candle for a few days in remembrance of the victims. (and post a pic of it on Facebook)
    4 Have a vigil at the scene of the atrocity, or in some other major metropolis.
    5 Sit back and wait for the next one.

    Repeat ad infinitum.

    Sad but (almost) true. I can't see Merkel's government changing it's stance on immigration. I can see however, the German voting public, changing it's government come their next election.
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    The politicians need to recognise and call out the main part of the underlying ideology, which is Islam. We're not suffering large scale terrorism from Christians, Jews, Jains or any other religion at the moment so there has to be something troublesome with one particular religion at this time.
  5. Should I? Why?
  6. I don't think anyone is in denial about what the cause is, Bodge. Obviously one has to take care not to paint them all the same, unlike some on here.

    Of course it's a mad corrupt fundamentalist form of Islam. Even Muslims know that :rolleyes:.

    Catholics, in particular, should recognise what's going on - after all, only a few hundred .... etc etc etc :rolleyes:
  7. Dr Bodgit

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    Not sure I agree with you there DA. Take Obama for example, he won't use the term 'Islamic' in this context to define the terrorists. Now he probably does know that Islamism is part of the problem but it helps no one if he won't name it. And by not naming the problem, this creates uncertainly and confusion as to what the problem actually is (e.g. Islamism vs Islam vs "all Muslims").
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    I think if Muslim leaders created conditions where members of their community were more willing to come forward with information about their own (without fear of being ostracised by their community) it would go a long way towards integration. The main problem with that though is, you have to ask yourself, Do they really want to integrate into Western society? Let's face it, a Muslim doesn't become radicalised and no one within their community doesn't know about it.
  9. In your Liberal,Leftie,PC,Apoligist,Catholic/Christian hating little world, if you would take the time to look you would see that what happened in the name of Christianity, is like a teaspoon of water in the ocean compared to massacre and slaughter that Islam has carried out.
    Was Catholic hating drummed into you at an early age as not all Kirk goers were raised like that.
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  10. Some want to integrate, some dont. You cannot paint them "all the same", no matter how easy that would be.

    Islam society is just like western society in that respect; some good, some bad. Whether you like it or not, the bad ones believe in what they are doing. They dont see it as bad. Thats the problem, the root cause, not the surface issue.

    Now go a couple of steps back and understand "why" they are fighting.

    And NO I do not support them in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.
  11. There werent any crusades or anything then?
  12. Yes there were the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition which cannot be condoned.
    The amount of people killed including Crusaders is miniscule, compared to the slaughter and massacre carried out by Islam.
    You just need to look up the numbers.
  13. Why?

    I dont support such violence by either "side". Is it ok to justify such actions by saying "they started it", or "they killed more" or any other such infantile comparisons?

    There is no doubting there is a world wide issue "not just europe", but it can never be solved by such comments, or by assuming that everybody is the same. Either of those options makes the problem worse, it wont cure it.
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    Waw! So true!
  15. Really?! That creates uncertainty?!

    Everyone knows who's to blame. And Obama has made it very clear - in his typically carefully chosen words - who is to blame. And it ain't all muslims.

    I'm not too surprised that there is confusion in the good ol' US of A - 'cos half of them are completely nuts, as we now know for certain.

    A bit like the UK, then...
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    It's one thing going back centuries and talking about Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, mediavial torture etc but although important to discuss and learn a little about these times, it's got to be taken in the context of history

    Luckily, society (all societies) in general, have moved on from these blood thirsty times and realised that disagreements, differences of belief, who you may or may not worship, etc, are no longer solved by burning alive, torture, rape, chopping off limbs, stabbing, etc etc

    Tolerance and respect and mutual understanding and the ability to coexist whilst having differing viewpoints, whilst remaining within the law of your chosen land is what the majority of the human race manages to achieve

    It's the few terrorists, whatever nationality / religion / that can't and won't accept others differences and have indeed not moved on from previous times and are stuck in the 'dark ages'

    More worrying is the new recruits who were possibly born 20 -30 years ago but have also been transported back to these dark times and have shunned the good of the modern world and all it has to offer

    Can't be solved on this forum unfortunately and don't think world leaders / governments have the answers either
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    As long as I can remember there have been terrorists be they IRA, UDA, RAF, BM, SMA, ISIS or whatever name and cause they choose but they are all uniformly gits and the only responce you should have is to ignore them and carry on as normal.
  18. Oh my gawd.

    First it's "They killed more than us" as a let-off. That is jaw-droppingly incredible and self-defeating as an 'argument'.

    (Yeah, but he stole more than me, boo-hoo. He drove drunk more times than me, boo-hoo. He raped more women than me - boo-hoo. Sorry to labour the point, but we are dealing with individuals on this forum who need it spelt out in very simple and clear terms.)

    Guess where my hatred of Catholicism has come from? Reason. Education. Information.

    Not formed at all as kid - I was too busy at the age of 6 wondering if I'd go to hell for swearing or playing football outside. Then, at around the age of 10, I'd listen to the rambling sermons of our local minister in church and think to myself "You are shi***g me."

    Final enlightenment a couple of years later with a rational dawning - this gawd stuff is made up. It simply CANNOT be real. You'd have to be two cushions short of a pew to believe it. (Not that we had cushions, of course - nay, you have to suffer for your beliefs!)

    So why Islam and then Catholicism in that order or carpness? Because of the unquestioning demands they make of their lambs, and the built-in prejudices they instil in their minions - against women, gays, those of other faiths. The guilt they instil. The feeling of inadequacy they perpetuate in their lackeys; "we are not worthy...".

    What these religions (all of them, by implication) remove from the person is humanity and the ability to think for themselves.

    And for that reason I consider them to be 'evil'. There's a valid use of the word for you.
  19. Good points, Dave.

    Some world leaders do have the answer, but the main resolution of this is, sadly, time. And education. And a reasonable level of wealth for all.

    So, no, it ain't gonna happen any time soon. But the world is getting there.

    Provided we keep moving forwards with humanity and not make mindless and bloody half-century leaps into the past. Oh damn - we are just about to...
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    At the risk of taking being accused of taking sides, Israel, put up with these kind of attacks on a regular basis, including 'Jew' stabbing in the streets. Our 'biased" news channels just never report it. In fact their enemies use their own kids as suicide bombers. Look it up on YouTube.
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