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  1. I suspect the unbiased news channels don't report this simply because it's stopped being unusual.

    But, are you going to tell me that the Palestinians haven't been provoked? What do you think you would do if you were living in poverty, and then had the precious little piece of land you lived on taken over by a bunch of rabid Israelis?
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  3. I like a lot of what that guy says on many issues, but I had to choke back the guffaws at this vid after only 6 seconds.

    The Jews want peace?! Blimey, how big of them after they've shoved you off your own land and bulldozed your villages.

    Have you seen vids (you'll get them on YouTube as well, I'm sure) of the groups of Orthodox Jews with their stupid little top hats on their heads, rocking back and forth as the bulldozers clear more land for them on the West Bank and they proclaim - as they watch the Arab families being forcibly moved off the land they've lived on for generations - 'This is our land - it was sent to us by gawd...'

    Hey, I know the Jews have had a hard time, possibly the most persecuted group on the planet (against some pretty stiff competition) and they needed a place to call home following the Holocaust, but that was then and this is now. They do not need more land - often used as second homes for families living in the US.

    Not at the cost of moving others off their equally-entitled land.
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  4. Um.
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    Er what u don't get is,....We all know that the main place in Israel is Jerusalem. On the temple named after King Solomon, there used to stand A Jewish Temple in the Jewish land called Israel. It was destroyed by some enemies and all that remains is one wall of the temple commonly known as The wailing wall and its foundation commonly known as The Temple Mount. Spookily, Standing on The Temple Mount are Two Mosques. Er..go figure.
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    Also, go look online for shopping Malls in Gaza Strip and West Bank, think you might see rather plush shopping centres.
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    Destroyed 70 AD by the Romans
  8. I dont profess to know much about the history of israel/jews and palestine in general.

    But I do know that area and its problems is the cause and the base issues of a lot of problems currently affecting the world.

    And usa has a big hand in it.

    And i dont want to be american
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    Also City is split into quarters. The Jewish quarter, The Christian quarter, The Muslim Quarter and The Armenian Quarter..all live happily side by side. Palestinians are under the rule of Hamas. Israel is the only democracy in Middle East surrounded by Muslim nations. Aha, some sing belly flishy going (Spelling in last statement deliberate) :+
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    Film was utube in Israel with Israeli docs operating on a young Palestinian baby. It was dicumentary. All Jewish hospitals operate on babies or kids with genetic probs without bias... and Palestinian solders. The new babe had prob, all previous siblings had died. This was done for free. But as the mother waited she wanted him to grow up to blow himself up. Go online, and look up Jewish inventions. Guess where they medicines & medical procedures. Which they share freely with the rest of the planet. They are the no 1 in the world...especially for treating wounds inflicted during battle. I've studied this subject for over 30yrs. You have to look things up to find truth. Dont just accept what u r told. I bet u think the moon landing was fake :0
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    Go find the amazing shopping centres then. Both in Westbank and Gaza. Dumb and Dumber never investigate truth.
  13. Dont just accept what u r told

    The truest comment on this, and many other recent subjects
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  14. Hmm, I think you are taking sides.

    Well, you did say it would be a risk.
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    Pres Obama cut fiunancial support four Israel. So theyre not so dumb as to rely on any foreign aid. In fact they have recently found huge oil deposits, so they will be able to cope w
  16. Absolutely - I do think the moon landings were faked.
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    Buzz Aldrin was my first husband.
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    Quite right.

    According to the Europol statistics, separatism is still the largest cause of terrorist attacks in Europe, Jihadist attacks are second. The tragedy is that a few recent Jihadist attacks have a truly horrific fatality rate.
    Right wing terrorism, usually attacking immigrants, is also on the rise (again Europol statistics).

    Thomas Mair was convicted of the terrorist murder of Jo Cox. He didn't shout "Allahu Akbar", he shouted "Britain first".
    Five years ago, the far right terrorist, Anders Breivik murdered 77 people (mostly children) for ideological reasons. He claimed he was a modern day crusader.

    No-one is suggesting looking at people who supported Brexit or all white Norwegians as potential right wing terrorists. That'd be insane.
    Yet some, hopefully no-one here, seem to think of the millions of Muslims in England as a single ideologically homogeneous entity. Also insane.

    Many of the recent attacks (although this one appears to be different) have been carried out by people who were born in the country where they perpetrated their atrocities.
    Disenfranchised young men with access to poisonous ideological information and dark internet forums are the problem here, not religion per se.

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