Not damp but salts n efforesence

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Ant62, May 15, 2019.

  1. Ant62

    Ant62 New Member

    What i always thought was damp in avery small area of out lounge turn out to be salts or efforesence coming up and rotting the wallpaper making it look like damp...
    Anyway 2 mths ago the small area was hacked out and replastered....

    I bought some salt away for the area as treated as instructed.....
    I let the area throughly dry and now lined over it..

    What i would like to know from papering the area again how long before the salts or efforesence take to come through if its not worked......

  2. Mr Rusty

    Mr Rusty Well-Known Member

    If it hasn't worked I reckon 2-3 weeks max. before crystals start appearing

    Welcome to my world. I have a small issue on the front faces and inside faces of an opened up chimney breast that has had 110 years of continuous coal fires in it. I D&D fireproof board on and the wet in the dabs caused salts to come out the chimney where the dabs were. As yet I haven't managed to totally tame them. I am hoping once I get the stove in it will keep the efflorescence down (it's basically the salts absorbing water vapour out the air and/or any residual moisture in the wall coming out) I suspect my walls have a fair bit of trapped moisture inside the salts in the bricks. I did make the mistake, when the house was mid-refurb of jet-washing the back wall of the fireplace to clean it so I could keep the bare brick finish at the back. I suspect a fair bit of this water got absorbed into existing salts.

    At the moment, the solution is a quick sand and a coat of emulsion (mine is not papered) when crystals appear, and see if in time it goes away - it is reducing. Ultimately, I think the solution if it doesn't go by itself, is chop the brick out and replace with new concrete blocks.
  3. Ant62

    Ant62 New Member

    Well i gave it a dose like the salt away bottle says and that was 2 weeks ago i think..
    Ive waited until its dryed before giving a pva coating.
    Ive lined over it so its a waiting game..

    I must say that after the initial dose of salt away nothing as appeared yet....

    Time will tell.....

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