(Not so) troublesome football fans

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Deleted member 164349, Sep 14, 2017.

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    It's not as bad as it used to be, English fans abroad tend to get targeted reckon polish,Italian, Russian fans are far worse
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  3. Fully British, happy to be British.

    Proud to be British? To an extent yes, but constantly disappointed by the ignorant, loutish, undisciplined behaviour of so many. I have my eyes open and look at other nationalities and think they often get a bad press, as unfairly.

    We are not as good as a nation as so many kid themselves. Yes there are lots of good people here, many not so.

    Slagging Brits off? I dont think so, if you read and understand an overall viewpoint. Or are you like some others here that think the British are the best people in the world and anybody not British is not our equal?
  4. Lol.

    JoT is what is known as a true patriot. He is a critical friend of the Brits. He is genuinely grateful to be a Brit himself, to have been born here and to live here.

    But he is not blind to our faults. He doesn't assume there is something 'special' about us just because we are 'Brits'.

    Why does he say what he does? Because there's a bunch on here - you included - who are not true Brits, and who have all the faults mentioned above.

    JoT is pointing out the truth in there being 'nothing special about us just 'cos we are Brits'.
  5. A true patriot is the nemesis of a jingoistic nationalist.
  6. True.

    And well done for finding a few nationalities that are (possibly) still worse than us.
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  8. Oops, I hear that Gerry is causing problems... :oops:
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  10. longboat

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    Fake news.
  11. fillyboy

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    I haven't laughed so much since Geoffrey Archer pleaded 'not guilty'. Carry on DA and Jack, the entertainment you both provide is priceless.
  12. longboat

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    Do stop, please.
    Here's the deal.
    I will try my hardest not to promote my widely held belief (and that of all others in my kinship) that I condone all acts of violence, murder, rape, racism, hooliganism, xenophobia, and anything else you care to add.... as long as it's carried out by a British citizen.
    If...if.. you promise to stop being such a pandering, virtue signalling, insufferable dullard.
  13. I tell you what.

    You look at a full picture ( any and ALL subjects) and not just 1 head in the sand viewpoint and we can then have a grown up discussion without resorting to childish insults hey?

    How about that? Just for a change? You know, every argument has 2 sides!

  14. Go on then.

    If 20,000 british fans travelled anywhere (in the world) , would there be more or less incidents?

    Do tell
  15. Sparkielev

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    it depends what fans but like I said the old days of English hooliganism seems to of gone, but nobody likes us anyway so no matter were they go they will be targeted as far as I can see them cologne fans were just having good day out with a few mindless f$@k wits
  16. fillyboy

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    Jack, you're the one who said 20,000 German fans were here causing no trouble whatsoever, then, lo and behold they're causing trouble and you've got egg dripping off your face. Why ask me to answer questions? I didn't make the ridiculous statement, you did.
  17. longboat

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    These 'a few mindless f$@k wits', were only dressed up as germans, didn't you know?
    The world beyond the shores of Great Britain are populated entirely by beings of a higher sentience.
    Everything you observe is merely a charade constructed as a form of humorous entertainment for 'the others'.
    I'm telling ya, it's true.

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