Not sure what to use: Concrete / Cement / Mortar / Postcrete / Other

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  1. JamesSmith54321

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    Hi, I’d like to make planters, pots, trays, candle holders, soap dishes etc using ‘concrete’. I’m after a smooth surface finish. Should I be using cement, concrete, mortar, postcrete or some other?

    Im pretty confused about it all!

    For a tray, I’d be looking for it to be quite strong / no cracks etc.

    Can anyone please advise on this.

    thanks in advance,
  2. Bobby Dazzler

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    You need some sort of vibrating table on which you place your molds.
    I suggest you do a fair bit of research, probably more on the 'craft' line than DIY.
  3. Wayners

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    Fiber-Reinforced Concrete mix for moulding things I think.

    Also use concrete with add mix to stop cracking. Mix your own is a best bet... Post mix it rough and you don't mix that with water if you read instructions so won't work.
    For smooth concrete you need to polish and they do that for floors. Metal blade fan like polisher..

    Can do it by hand but it's all in the timing when it's set but not dry.

    Also some stuff is moulded with resin mix..
    You see that for frost proof stuff.

    Over made some planers from 2 boxes one inside the other with 4-1 mix of concrete mix... Just looks like concrete box.

    That's all I know
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