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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by rutspark, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. rutspark

    rutspark New Member

    First fixed a tilers kitchen today, ready for new kitchen install.The guy was in a hurry and said he needed it doing asap,it was only move a cooker outlet socket, move a couple of switch socket outlets, remove a couple of sockets, reposition the light and fit a 2 way lighting circuit , so fitted in round other stuff. All the ceilings are down as he's having it re boarded and the walls are being tiled so make as much mess as I want.
    After cleaning up I tell i'm off and to call me when he's ready to 2 nd fix, he looked shocked and said you mean the sockets are'nt on yet and the cooker is diconected.
    I said well obviously you wanted the cooker outlet moving so its disconected and will be connected again at second fix.
    He said what will i do about cooking with no cooker
    Still confused I said well your about to rip the kitchen out and put a new one in (with his urgency i thought he'd be doing it tomorrow)
    He then said that the kitchen would'nt be fitted for 6 weeks!!!!!!
    I asked him why he wanted me to do the work now and he said he wanted to get it tiled first but wanted the socket fronts on and tested all in one stint!!
    I told him that I was'nt putting the socket fronts on till I'd seen the chases plastered and the holes round the boxes filled.
    He said what about the cooker, I said use the microwave and call me when your ready.
    Fuuuckin numpy tiler cuunt, how many kitchens has he tiled where the socket fronts are fitted before the walls are plastered!!!! Twaaaat

    Beware of Joe Public some of them are fuuuuckin idots!!
  2. Morris Minor

    Morris Minor New Member

    Tilers and sockets do not go together. How many times have you seen tiles up to socket fronts. Get a problem, and your fault, if you have to remove the socket front, grout and all can fall out. Some tilers have not heard of long screws..........
  3. unphased

    unphased Screwfix Select


    A classic case of non-communication. Ask more questions before you start the job. Establish what the client wants to achieve and what he is expecting. Then you will know what you are up against. Easy to resolve issues first but more difficult afterwards.

  4. Bitty

    Bitty New Member

    "Fuuuckin numpy tiler cuunt,"

    Isn't this just a tad harsh? (You must be an absolute hoot to work with.)

    Surely it's not unreasonable for a customer to expect the sockets to be fully fitted and running the same day - they can be slackened, and longer screws fitted if necessary, later on when the tiling is done.

    When you chase out for new cables/sockets, do you expect someone else to fill in afterwards? You mean, you don't bring a tub of filler with you?
  5. rutspark

    rutspark New Member

    You are all missing the point . This guy is in the trade , suposedly, and he had already told me he was re plastering the wkole kitchen as the current render is falling off and has been taken off most of the way round by himself. Like I said do you ever put the socket fronts on the metal knockout boxes when you second fix, before the wall has been rendered/skimmed let alone plastered.He wanted my to put the shinny new chrome sockets on before the walls had been PLASTERED.

    This guy profetionally tiles site houses he should have known the routine.
  6. rutspark

    rutspark New Member

    When you chase out for new cables/sockets, do you
    expect someone else to fill in afterwards? You
    mean, you don't bring a tub of filler with you?

    If someone says they are going to plaster the whole kitchen then no , I don't expect to patch up cable chases.

    No I don't use tubs of filler fot patching up, I think it looks *****, we use bonding coat base to fill and board finish coat to finish off.

    If there are a large amount of chases for ex a rewire we use a plasterer to give a perfect finnish and because they can plaster faster than we can.
  7. dingbat

    dingbat New Member

    I quite frequently have to first <u>and</u> second fix in one go when I do kitchens. I have no problems with doing this because if I didn't I probably wouldn't get the job due to the extra cost of two visits. I always make a note of the situation on the certificate and I never fit anything other than basic white plastic accessories when doing it this way. I explain to the client how to proceed with plastering/tiling/whatever.

    Joe Public is always easier to deal with in this respect - he will accept what he's told - whereas a tradesman may easily be clueless about the work of another trade, yet be harder to educate. Other tradespeople can be nightmare customers.
  8. Bitty

    Bitty New Member

    Oops, fair enough rutspark.
  9. ban-all-sheds

    ban-all-sheds New Member

    I had to get a numpty tiler back in once, who between 1st & 2nd fix had tiled up to the edges of a box, and had cut the tile away to allow the accessory to be fitted afterwards.

    Just one snag - the hole he had cut was out of alignment with the box by about 1"....
  10. ban-all-sheds

    ban-all-sheds New Member

  11. masterseal

    masterseal New Member

    Nice one B-A-S, post it on the other trades forum ;)

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