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    Hi all,

    I have a small home workshop with a dust extractor which sits in a cupboard. It has a NVR switch directly mounted to the motor, which means that every time I want to switch on/switch off I have to go to the cupboard, open the door, press the switch. When I'm operating machinery, I'd prefer to have one of the remote switches which has a fob that can be attached to a belt or kept in my pocket.

    Now I'm thinking one way I could achieve that is to "hard-wire" the switch by joining the cables together which means that effectively, if I switch on at the plug, machine goes on, and when I switch the plug off, machine goes off.

    I can then buy one of the remote controlled wall sockets to achieve the above.

    Can anyone tell me why this would be a bad idea, or if there's a better way to go about it?

    Thanks in advance,
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    My remote controlled socket, and light switch, and active RCD all have no voltage release, (NVR) however my remote controlled socket and light switch have from time to time done their own thing and switched on without my setting any timer or pressing any remote start button. So I would say not safe to use where a NVR switch is required, maybe the active RCD is OK, and I have used them to supply grinders as often the grinder for domestic use does not have a NVR switch, but these are small motors.

    So you need to do a risk assessment, where I worked the dust extractor had a current operated switch linked to the PLC so we could no operate the main machine until the dust extractor was running, due to explosion risk, so you need to do your own risk assessment.
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    Thanks for the above - for context, would point out that I'm more of an advanced hobbyist than a business. In terms of assuring that the machine wouldn't switch itself on, I would be turning off the remote socket at the end of the day, and only have it switched on in circumstances where I would be wanting to use the machine.

    The remote control is more for convenience so I don't have to keep going back to the cupboard to switch the machine on and off when I'm using tools which are attached.
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    Can you relocate the nvr switch or fit a remote start in parallel?

    A photo may help.
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    Last small domestic woodworking shop I inspected (EICR) had a nice setup where the extractor system started if any of the machines requiring it were operated. If I remember it operated using current sensors on the the supply cables and a few contactors.
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    What is the wattage of the extractor motor? You may find that after a while the contacts on a smart switch/fob relay may weld or burn out.
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