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    We’re looking to put a simple canopy over a balcony as part of a bigger piece of work. Because of this we needed an SE to calculate the RSJs, etc for inside where load bearing walls were removed. He also, based on the architect drawings, calculate the oak beams and posts for the canopy and these were submitted to BC as part of the whole application. And obviously we are now tied to those calcs and designs.

    The problem is, it feels very overly complicated for what we had planned. He has requested posts being placed on padstones, beams pocketed into walls, etc (calcs attached). We really just wanted a simple felted roof with some oak framing to make it look a bit nicer.

    Do these drawings seem OTT? I thought I would check before instructing an SE to see if a different, simpler design could be calculated as an amendment. I was hoping we could just bolt a beam to the floor using a post bracket/shoe and another post fixed to the wall using bolts, with the beam across these. I don’t know if the SE assumed the roof would be tiled and so over calculated the loads?

    Anyway, I would appreciate any advice on wether you think this could be simplified and it’s worth paying an SE for new calcs and drawings

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    It’s possible there was some confusion between you,
    I’m sure a phone call or site visit can sort out your problem,

    relying on emails and texts, can be a problem, !

    good luck
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    You're already going down a horrendously cheapskate path if you're even thinking of a felted roof!

    I wouldn't even waste my time with felt roofing a dog kennel ... never mind something that warrants oak posts.

    Are you even serious about what you're looking for?
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    Nothing appears too outrageous with the oak sizes though the internal steel beam looks pretty big on the face of it.

    But felt roof ....... you cannot be serious?!?
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    The steel has already been done by builders, who also agreed it seemed a bit big but we needed to get the work finished at the time and it had been ordered so seemed simpler to just fit it.

    Maybe not felt for the roof but I’m not sure we want to go down to roof tiles route. EPDM, perhaps I don’t know. Maybe cedar shingles

    I guess my question is does the padstone for the Oak post seem normal? The floor underneath is block and beam and I’m not sure how easy it will be to fit it in the garage below through the beams and then waterproof it. If that’s what has to be done then that’s what has to be done. Just thought it worth getting some opinions

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