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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Maattttt, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Mr. Handyandy

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    They're gonna make the 'new' table from the old one. Few more nails and a darker oak stain, look completely different!

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
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  2. Maattttt

    Maattttt New Member

    Na they're making a new one and swapping it on delivery of the new one really interested to see what changes they make to the build of it hmmm
  3. PaulBlackpool

    PaulBlackpool Screwfix Select

    It looks like something I might have made!
    It reminds me of what I called our Saturday night pizza table. It was made out of ship's cabin door found on the beach . My mate who is a joiner said it was made out of various hardwoods that the builder had lying around in his workshop. I made it with folding legs. It was meant to be rough. My daughter broke it so I dumped it
  4. Someone I knew yonks ago spent a small fortune on furniture bought from Heals or similar (a porsh place) in Guildford.

    Had to say, it was quite striking and I did try to replicate it myself since - unsuccessfully.

    All very thick and solid and chunky with wrought iron latches and hinges. But the special feature was that the timber had been scorched with a blow lamp so's the softer parts of the wood grain were burnt away more, leaving the ridges from the harder parts of the growth rings raised up. A bit like a piece of softwood that's been left outside to dry in the sun for years - a smoothed-off ridged texture to it, as if the grain you see in Matt's table was 3-D.

    And absolutely charcoal black finish.


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