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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Richard Nicholson, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Richard Nicholson

    Richard Nicholson New Member

    We have just had some doors fitted. They have an oak vaneer which needs to be treated. Would you be about to help recommending a product please? We want to keep it natual wood so it would need to be clear and if possible something we could rub on like a wax rather the paint. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. sospan

    sospan Well-Known Member

    I would contact these guys http://www.fiddes.co.uk/ - 029 2034 0323

    They make their own products and have a great advice line and will go through the specification of your door and what sort of finish you want
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    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    Do not wax or Danish oil it will delaminate the vaneer!! The manufacturer of your doors will have advice on product suitable for finishing
  4. blackteaonesugar

    blackteaonesugar New Member

    That's not been my experience to be honest. I've Danish oiled masses of veneered work with no issues. Danish oiled and then waxed on top sometimes too. What adhesive have you had problems where this has happened?

    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    I haven't as every veneered door I've ever hung comes with a warning not to use waxes, oils or polishes? https://www.howdens.com/doors-joinery-collection/internal-doors/internal-hardwood-doors/
  6. R.W_Carpentry

    R.W_Carpentry Active Member

    From my experience from contact with various manufacturers, the reason why they recommend against wax and oils isn't for risk of delamination but because of risk of the door not being sealed well enough, this is of course not the case if done properly, but people are much more likely to not oil or wax a door sufficiently than they are when varnishing or painting.
    I've certainly never witnessed any lamination issues with oiling or waxing tonnes of veneered doors and veneered board material.
    Obviously, as you say, it goes against most manufacturers instructions, so you do so at the risk of loss of warranty, however if it were me, I wouldn't hesitate in using a wax or oil, oiling is one of my favourite finishes with wood, done properly it's incredibly hard wearing a long lasting and keeps everything looking natural whilst still bringing out the colours of the timber.
    Osmo do a brilliant range of oils and waxes and are one of the best out there imo.
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    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    It's not something I would advise to someone who is on this forum looking for advise who may have spent a couple hundred quid a door and then ruins them, also the link I provided states not to use oils waxes or polishes because may cause delamination of veneers? But I do agree with you osmo gives a great finish but so do the sikkens sport bast varnishes and that's what we usually use on veneers

    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    Spirit based
  9. R.W_Carpentry

    R.W_Carpentry Active Member

    As I said, I'm not advising going against manufacturers instructions, however if you really want an oil or wax finish to look into it fully and make your own mind up about it, generally you'll find on here and other forums that a great deal of people both diy and trade have had success using both on veneered items and you're hard pushed to find good evidence of any accounts of delamination where oil or wax has been used. You obviously take your chances if you decide to go through with it.
    I'd be concerned about the overall quality of a product if proper application of wax or oil delaminated it.
    That being said there are plenty of varnish options that don't change the colour and appearance much the same as an oil, but there still will be that slight difference in overall finish between using a varnish, oil or wax so depends on preference.
    Right of wrong I've oiled and waxed veneer products for many years and generally oil is my go to finish for any furniture I make, to date I've not encountered any cases of even a slight bit of delamination.
  10. Richard Nicholson

    Richard Nicholson New Member

    Thank you, which brand do you recommend? I was thinking of using Osmo polyx oil.
  11. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

  12. The pg

    The pg New Member

    Hi, I am in a similar situation. I have a white oak veneer door and after reading this post, am going to use https://www.amazon.co.uk/Osmo-Door-Oil-Solid-1L/dp/B005DR1ZYU/ref=pd_sxp_f_pt

    I had to trim the sides and bottoms approx 8mm to hang it. Can I apply the oil to the 4 sides/edges or should i be using something else as they have possibly lost their veneer during planing.

    Any advise would be much appreciated.

  13. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    If you have planed off the veneer this can be replaced by using an oak iron on edging strip and trimmed after fitting, (probably about 1mm thickness). The edges should have been a solid oak strip though!!!!!!!!!!:confused:
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  14. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    You can get veneer edging,wood edging in various widths including 45mm,50mm, either pre glued or unglued by the metre.
  15. The pg

    The pg New Member

    Sorry am a curious diyer - so, probably got it wrong when i said it has lost veneer (certainly looks different to how it was supplied).. it looks like solid wood on the edges anyways.. does it mean i can oil them directly? will that affect the veneer of the door face?
  16. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    Got a photo, must be 2mb or less.

    Door may have been prefinished, so you just removed that, so oil should restore the finish.
    You usually get around 3-5mm trim option on each side of a door, about 7-8mm top & bottom for triming, some doors have a lot more for trimming all depends on make of door.
  17. The pg

    The pg New Member

    Pictures attached. Can you please advice if it requires veneer edging or can i just oil it.


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  18. The pg

    The pg New Member

    Hello guys, any advice on treating the edges of the veneered door please? pics in the previous reply
    a) Can I apply osmo oil to the edges to restore the finish or
    b) Do I need to iron pre glued veneer first.
  19. Graeme_Fyfe

    Graeme_Fyfe New Member

    Hi - I noticed that you posted the above a while ago. I have bought some Osmo Door oil to treat XL Joinery Palermo doors. I have purchased some Satin door oil and am contemplating applying it to their doors but concerned that it will lift the veneer. Some posts have said that it is the only oil product they will allow to be used. Have you had any experience of someone doing this without any issues?
  20. Paulie1412

    Paulie1412 Active Member

    From your picture, it looks like the doors been lipped in ash then veneered over which would explain why they look different, especially if you've taken any finish off the lippings

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