Oil tank replacement

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    I'm replacing a steel tank with a plastic tank and not sure about the head required. old tank is on piers with about 1m head, new tank will sit on plinth with much less head. boiler manual says that 10" head (old boiler!) required. will I need a lift pump?
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  2. Bob Rathbone

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    as 10" is much lower than 1Mt, no pump is required provided that the tank is not lower than the boiler. The fuel outlet must be 10" (250mm) higher than the boiler fuel intake.
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  3. Heat

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    What sort of old boiler and burner do you have?
    If the oil boiler is a pressure jet burner, then it won't need much head of oil and can even be done with the oil tank much lower than the burner by using a Tigerloop.
    To install an oil tank should be done and signed off by a qualified person. Just be careful of oil contamination and of current regulations regarding new oil tanks. Oil tanks normally need to be bunded type and minimum distance to any hedge or wood fence is 760mm. Also has to be at least 1.8m from a door, window, roof, or a flue terminal.
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    Thanks, helpful.
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