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    We have a 600 litre oil tank in the garden for the CH & HW, and we get it filled a few times a year, including when the oil price is highest in winter, i was wondering what the rules are for storing oil on the property.

    i was thinking of getting a 2000 litre tank and getting it filled in the summer when the oil is at it's cheapest price and then pumping it to the 600 litre tank for use. This way i wouldn't have to buy any oil in the winter and each summer just get the 2000 litre tank filled.

    Cheers for any thoughts on this.
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    I would think for elf and safety reasons there may be a maximum capacity, but my initial thought when reading your thread was to do with the costs involved versus the savings made and how long it would take to start realising the savings. I'm sure you will have considered this anyway.
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    You'll need an approved double skinned tank, and they don't come cheap. In fact unless you can get the tank for a really good price, you'll be needing a lot of savings in fuel prices to warrant the cost of the extra tank, the platform to put it on, the piping, etc.
    Other things to consider ...
    There is a lot of fuel theft occurring these days, where thieves pitch up in a tanker and pump out all your oil. They'd have a great time with your 2600 litres!
    If you had filled your tanks last summer, you'd have spent much more per litre then than you would if you were to buy it today.
    What I do is shop around with the likes of FuelTool, Homefuels, BoilerJuice, etc. to get the best price available. I then order a long way out (2 weeks or more) to get an even better price. It's amazing how much more expensive 'urgent' fuel is than 'deliver-when-you're-next-in-the-area' fuel.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Yes i had thought of the cost benefits and how long it would take to pay back the new tank / install in oil price savings, i guess the best way to save money is to shop around. We have been too loyal with our current supplier and these days loyalty just doesn't pay.

    The oil level is remotely monitored at the minute so hopefully we get some kind of benefit from having this, so we are not having to pay for an urgent delivery.
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    Shouldn’t be a problem to have a 2000L oil tank, but will be expensive to buy.
    A 600L tank is far too small. The smallest tanks normally used are at least 1100L and this means you can get a 900L refill at the reduced cost for that amount.
    You can have a Tigerloop device fitted to boiler so your tank can be at a low level - lower than boiler if needed.
  7. sparky64

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    What sort of costs are we looking at for a bunded 2000L tank to be supplied and fitted including a base?
  8. Heat

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    Could you not sort the base yourself, to save money?
    Best to just have a concrete base close to the ground if possible. Must go 300mm beyond the tank all sides.
    If your boiler is much higher than that height, you can have a Tigerloop installed near boiler.
    Location of tank has to be 760mm minimum distance from anything that could burn (hedge, wooden fence, etc) and 1.8m away from a flue terminal, or window or door, or waves of a building, etc.
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    Our neighbours had a single skin tank which developed a leak that went undetected for a year ... they only noticed it because they ran out of oil quicker than usual.
    It cost their insurers over £1.5million to put it right, and their annual insurance premiums tripled as a result.
    Not only had the oil dissolved the tar-based DPC that their cottage had, causing serious damage from rising damp, but the top 3 metres of earth had to be removed and replaced for most of their garden, which meant they lost all their mature shrubs and trees and their entire garden had to be relandscaped. (Fortunately our property is higher than their is, so we suffered no damage to our land, but the air smelled of fuel for weeks while the excavations were going on.) Five years on and all is fine now.
    Bottom line ... NEVER use a single skin oil tank!
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  11. JustPhil

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    Don’t buy a single skin oil tank. They should be banned. How anyone is allowed to store 2000 litres of oil in a tank guaranteed for 2 years completely baffles me.
    The single skin tank the previous owners of our house installed developed obvious cracks when we filled it to the brim. It was only 8 years old. It was the boiler service man that noticed and quite rightly was invited back the next day with a bunded tank and ten year guarantee. Around 1200 quid if I remember right.
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    Cheers for the replies guys.....You've convinced me to spend the extra money on a bunded oil tank, if i'm going to do this i may as well do it right and have peace of mind.
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