Oil wood primer........can I use it on sanded paint?

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by ian anderson, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. ian anderson

    ian anderson New Member

    Hi guys,

    Been sanding like a mad thing today and have several frames that are now a mixture of bare wood and well flatted old paint (the previous guy painted it with a sweeping brush by the look of it).

    The oil primer for bare wood goes on lovely, can I just keep going and give the whole frame a coat (not just the bare areas) as a primer/undercoat?

    Especially as I am not using a specific undercoat ;)

    Ta muchly...
  2. potty painter

    potty painter New Member


    You can on internal applications use a thinned out undercoat as a primer, but you should'nt use a primer as an undercoat.

    There is often confliction here with regard to simply primers and primer undercoats, a specific primer is intended to both penetrate and raise the grain of the timber. So my advice would be to spot prime, prep, and undercoat. Yet this will tend to differ if your intented finish is satinwood or other self undercoating paints.

  3. ian anderson

    ian anderson New Member

    Cheers Potty!

    You are of course right, I keep sanding though the primer though!

    Less elbow grease and more brains me thinks......

    I am using what they call "half gloss", or 40 (opacity?) which I am assured is a satin type finish and what I have done so far looks good.

    I am enjoying the job now but the prep has been horrendous, 42 year old house previously owned by a bloke with the DIY skills of a tramp with an old sweeping brush instead of a paint brush.

    Just noticed now that the stained (****, probably) ceiling is bleeding through my two coats of white emulsion....sigh :(

    Thanks again Potty, appreciate it.

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